A new Sydney exhibition celebrates Isabella Blow’s unique style


Isabella Blow once said “I’m a walking billboard. That’s my pleasure”.

And thanks to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, there are now a series of billboard worthy outfits on display in their latest exhibition dedicated to renowned British stylist, editor and muse.

Considering Blow not only nurtured the talent of Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy but also played muse, you can expect to see 172 pieces – cigarette burns and all – of what feels more like art than fashion and ranges from clothing to shoes, Jewellery and hats.

Special mention includes McQueen’s entire graduate collection – famously purchased by Blow herself.

For those who aren’t fashion obsessives – it’s simply worth coming along for the ride to get a feel for the wonderfully, outlandish character that Blow was. She, very much did not play by the rules, and thankfully so.

One of the first looks, a kimono jacket and skirt by Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, is the very couture piece Blow tried to just casually expense as “business attire” when working at Sunday times style. All 39,000 French Francs of it.

The collection is Down Under for its first time and chaperoned by none other than dear friend and fellow style maven, Daphne Guinness.

It was Guinness who purchased Blow’s wardrobe in effort to keep it from going to auction following her death in 2007.

It’s exciting to see such a fascinating fashion offering in Sydney, and well worth a visit.

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Cole Haan + mastermind JAPAN ZEROGRAND Collection


Fans of mastermind Japan, take note. The cult Japanese brand has a collaboration coming out and come 21 May 2016, you’ll be able to pick up both pairs at Cole Haan boutiques at either Paragon or Suntec City.

Strictly limited edition, the Cole Haan + mastermind JAPAN ZEROGRAND collection will feature 2 styles, the Wing Oxford and the Chukka, with mastermind Japan‘s iconic skull icon printed in a repeating monogram pattern on both shoes, along with its logo printed onto the tongue and the quarter of each shoe. Known for their cushioning, flexibility and superb lightness, you’ll be assured of comfort as well with these puppies that are priced at SGD499 a pair.

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Are stripes flattering?


In recent years, the stripe has become part of many women’s daily uniform. Age-appropriate, versatile and timeless – fashion has long been dedicated to the stripe. Bold or classic, wide or slim; stripes come in all shapes and sizes, and continue to pop up season after season. And with the look one of the hottest trends to be seen in right now, it’s time to debunk that age-old myth; are stripes flattering?

In short, yes. Like any trend, print or fabric, choosing styles to suit your individual body shape is key to pulling off a winning look.

So what’s holding us back? The rule that horizontal stripes are a no-no has stuck. It’s long been thought that horizontal lines appear to widen the silhouette, adding unwanted inches. However, the rise and rise of stripes both on and off catwalk has led us to question whether there is in fact any truth in this ancient rule.

Dr Robert Thompson, a psychologist and expert in visual perception at the University of York decided to tackle the theory once and for all with his study to determine if horizontal stripes make a person appear wider. Comparing 200 women, the findings confirmed what we already kind of knew. ‘We carried out a number of experiments both with squares and oblongs and pictures of women wearing horizontal and vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes don't make you look fat. The one wearing the vertical stripes looks wider than the one wearing the horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes, if anything, make you look thinner.’

When faced with the option of vertical or horizontal lines, the general opinion was that horizontal stripes proved to be more figure-flattering. So there you have it, science has officially declared horizontal stripes to be flattering. Great news. So what else is there to know?

Vertical stripes DO elongate the figure

Go for a wide leg trouser in a wide stripe and team with heels and a v-neck cashmere knit. To breathe life into old office favourites, try a mid-length pencil skirt with block heel courts and a button-up white shirt. Petite frames should go for a high-waist skirt or slim-fit dress in a fine stripe.

Natalie Joos
Natalie Joos CREDIT: REX

Avoid overload

Tread carefully when layering up your stripes. Wear with confidence and use yours to highlight and define your slimmest body part. Use block colour separates to balance the look.

Candela Novembre
Candela Novembre CREDIT: REX

Do stockpile Breton tops

The ultimate horizontal striped staple, it’s high on the list when it comes to off-duty dressing. Forget one size fits all, there’s plenty of choice if you dig around a little. Boat neck, loose-fit, red and white, classic navy or even a cuffed sleeve – it’s all in the detail. 

Peony Lim

Do consider crayon brights

Don’t be afraid to experiment with rainbow shades. Choose one key piece and refresh your wardrobe in an instant.

Crayon colour street style skirt

Diagonal lines

Break all the rules and opt for an angular stripe. Look to long lines to create the illusion of length and soften curves.

Sofie Valkiers

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Thanks to the Kardashians, Band-Aids Are Trending!



Ever since Nelly and the St. Lunatics were reunited in 2008, a family-size, multi-variety box of sterile bandages has sat dejected behind two medicine cabinet doors flecked with proof of my roommates’ eccentric toothpaste-to-tooth application.

The “Ride With Me” rapper and notable unique trend setter allegedly broke allegiance with his own trademark adhesive when St. Lunatics group-member Lavell Webb, also known as City Spud, was released from prison. Nelly had believed him to be innocent and wore the strip as a sign of loyalty. When Webb got out, Nelly took his Band-Aid off and I, too, gave up my bandage habit in the name of solidarity.

Or, another version of that story goes something like: I started waxing my legs instead of shaving them, which meant I put a temporary pause on the gory act of nicking my ankles and knees.

For years, there the Band-Aids stood: round-headed soldiers of beige complexion with giant pores that allowed them to breathe. The box in which they were packed grew sallow and weather-beaten from the shower’shumidity. I only ever remembered I needed one of them once I was five blocks away from home in pinch-y shoes and it was too late. Blisters formed; I’d be forced to outsource and “borrow” free bandages from a nearby deli.

How the mighty had fallen. Once a hero accessory of the year 2002 — arguably MTV’s final golden year (thanks in two parts to Nelly) — Band-Aids and their CVS, non-designer label iterations were relegated to mere quick-fix solutions of absentminded casualties.

But then along came Kim Kardashian, patron saint of beige.

The color — a sort of caucasian elbow — did not start with her. “Blush” trended on the red carpet years before E! and Crayola sought out euphemisms for the racially-exclusive hue description, “nude.” “Mauve” has been on the move for as long as high school interiors have been terrible, “tan” can be traced back to skinned animals’ burnt hides (sorry) and let us never forget Carrie Bradshaw’s “naked dress,” which was just a touch lighter than Nancy Kerrigan’s nylons but equally as iconic: it was a key factor in her sexual courtship with Big.

Still, Kim Kardashian didn’t invent a lot of things — selfies, forehead threading — and yet through her adaptation (or appropriation) she’s caused stuff to spike before the popular eye and do what everyone who shares her last name or bloodline excels in: trend.

From her personal foray into the world of Band-Aid dressing bled a whole slew of cool people dying to dress like monochromatic adhesive bandages.


Up here ^ we have Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson exiting a Balmain afterparty in quicksand.

Meanwhile, down below, we see Kylie Jenner shaking up her taupe with blue netting while also applying the Band-Aid palette to her mouth via Lip Kit. 

Rihanna’s done the color, so has Lupita Nyong’o, Khloe Kardashian, OPRAH and freaking Beyoncé.

Well, you know what they say: three in a row means it’s trending; over five, including Bey, is a movement. Plus Oprah? That’s the co-sign of the century.

Which means this is my cue to rescue those bandages from their sad little box above my sink. It’s time to let them see the world again. To cover barely-there paper cuts for the sake of the story as well as the accessory. It’s time to confuse strangers from two blocks out so they question whether or not I’m streaking.

It’s getting hot in here, alright. But rather than take off clothes, someone hand me a set of Spanx: they are the perfect shade of Band-Aid beige (a color collaboration/name that I’m going to propose to Essie).

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Beauty: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2016 Collection



Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2016 Collection

Welcome to Paradise! Every Summer Estée Lauder release Bronze Goddess, which is a fragrance filled with tropical joy. Want to know more about the 2016 collection? Then keep scrollin’!

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skin Scent

You know it’s summer when Estée Lauder release Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skin Scent. It comes out every Spring / Early Summer and it’s quite an exciting time. Bronze Goddess smells like Summer in a bottle, it’s everyone’s favourite summer scent (seriously, everyone I know goes nuts for this perfume) and it’s only available in the summer months. It contains warm citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and mandarin, mixed with exotic florals of tiare, jasmine, magnolia and orange blossom, with a base of rich warm ambers, vanilla and coconut milk. Close your eyes, spritz this perfume and you literally are on a hot, sunny beach wearing suncream, sucking on citrus lollies and surrounded by tropical flowers and fruits. It’s pure joy! It’s fairly light, so you might want to top it up mid-way though the day (no hardship!) or layer up with the bath and body products to make the scent last a little longer. Whatever you do, Bronze Goddess is a perfume you need to have in your fragrance wardrobe. I still have a tiny amount of last summer’s bottle left because I always want to save a little for a rainy day!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Anyone who has ever tried Estée Lauder’s make up will know what great quality it is. I was brought up using my mum’s Estée Lauder make-up and often given pieces items from her christmas Beauty Box which didn’t suit her complexion. It’s possibly where my love of red lipstick started, as she never wanted to wear shades of red so they were always offered to me. Anyway, the quality of their make-up is gorgeous and this Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Eye Shadow Palette is packed full of warm gold tones which are perfect for summer days and night, lots of shimmering tones as well as nudes and even a more adventurous peacock blue. All packaged up in a very flashy gold case. It’s great for a handbag and with the exception of the blue, I will be able to wear every single colour in this palette, which is rather handy!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi Palette

Whilst I would class the Bronze Goddess eye shadow palette as beautiful, practical and luxurious, it doesn’t excited me quite like this Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Multi Palette. What can I say!? I love this palette! I get super excited by a good blush, contour and highlighter set and each colour is spot on. The pink blush is beautifully warm, peachy and pretty. The highlighter gives you that flawless glow which makes you look like you have amazing bone structure, and the contour makes it look like you have hallow cheekbones and best of all they do it in a super pretty, summer, radiant way! Whoop whoop!

Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator

This Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator has been so popular it has already sold out on line, so if you want one, keep checking back for restocks, or head over to your local Estée Lauder counter. It’s can be used wherever you fancy, on your collar bones, cheekbones, temples and shoulders. Wherever you fancy a little extra shimmer and radiance!

Bronze Goddess Exfoliating Body Cleanser

What can I say? Wake up and smell the sunshine and summer holidays! If this Bronze Goddess Exfoliating Body Cleanser doesn’t put you in a great mood in the morning, nothing will! It’s the perfect way to start your day and even better when combined with the Whipped Body Creme…

Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme

This body cream is exactly the opposite to those crappy body lotions which you get at christmas time in those crappy gift sets. I’m often a little sceptical of fragranced body lotions as I have been so disappointed by them in the past, but this one has changed my mind 100%. I literally love this Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme, it smells exactly like the perfume and when layered up with the body wash and skin scent, the fragrance lasts much longer and it’s a much more definite scent too. I’m not normally excited by fragranced body lotions, but this one, is special!

Have you ever tried Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess?






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Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection

Designer Shoes

Stradivarius brings the new, exclusive lines of shoes collection for autumn/winter 2016. Casual elegance with the presence of relaxed glam and boho chic mood, the Spanish brand has its distinctive allure to complete women’s new season closet. Find out here in Fashionbashon the must-have pieces of the latest arrivals footwear along with the price and details.

Stradivarius Stylish Women's Shoes FW 2015-2016

For women, the newest lines of Stradivarius shoes are unmistakably a big must essential of the moment. Dedicated especially to update ladies fall/winter 2015-16 footwear, the fashion label comes up with various choices of designer shoes selection. From stylish slip-ons, sporty casual flatform plimsolls and sneakers to the classic brogues, moccasins, bluchers, seductive knee-high and ankle boots crafted in premium leather and refined materials, the latest arrivals Stradivarius shoes collection is available in trendy autumnal tones enriched with exotic animal prints, glam zip or stud appliqués, opulent chic metallic buckle, bohemian-inspired fringes, effortless elasticized details and other appealing embellishments for chic statement and cool vibe in every occasion. Find the perfect ones to match your everyday wear of the new season!

Stradivarius Knee-High & Ankle Boots

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: high heel ankle boots with fringing

Boots are the trends especially to strengthen a glam chic attitude throughout the cold season. Among the must-have lines of the brand’s latest arrivals are the seductive fringed ankle boots. Crafted from fine cow leather in warm burgundy, this boot is featuring sexy boho-inspired fringing detail and zip closure at the sides with chunky high heel. (£49.99)

Don’t miss also the new lines of Michael Kors Designer Boots 2015-2016 from the Jet Set 6 Collection!

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: high heel ankle boots with zip detail

As alternative to the fringing detail, Stradivarius presents bold and sensuous ankle boots with effortless chic zip closure in gold finished tones. Made of luxe leather look materials, this model has three color options; dark red, black and camel brown. (£29.99)

Check out also the Fashionable Chic Custom and Handmade-to-Order Boots FW 2015/2016 Collection!

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: high heel elasticated knee-high boots

Totally glamour chic accent, the elasticated knee-high boots in black adorned with gold colored metal zip and bold square shaped high heel are also among the must-have intriguing elements to accompany any fabulous pieces of the season. (£45.99)

Stradivarius Casual Sneakers, Slip-ons & Plimsolls

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: split suede sneakers


From its new arrivals shoes fall/winter 2015-2016, the Spanish label Stradivarius also brings strikingly active, energetic attitude to complete ladies everyday wear. Of course you won’t miss the trendy lace-up split suede sneakers in two-tone; red and white with perforation detail. (£29.99)

Don’t miss also the newest collection of Hogan Rebel Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Women’s Sneakers!

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: animal print plimsolls with metal trim

The Stradivarius animal print plimsolls are also among the must-have footwear of the season. Defined by exotic chic black animal texture in leather like materials with glamour accent of metal trim, this pair is enriched with lightweight rubber outsole in contrasting white gives an effortless vibe and superb yet cool outlook in any occasions. (£29.99)

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: jeweled slip ons in cow furskin

Easy and chic with a touch of luxury, what you cannot miss is also the jeweled slip-ons crafted from fine cow furskin in black embellished with charming jewel appliqué at front. (£35.99)

For gentlement footwear wardrobe, you cannot miss the adorable details of UGG Australia TREADLITE BY UGG New Men’s Shoes Collection.

Stradivarius Elegant Classic Moccasins Brogues & Bluchers

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: polished brogues with glam stud trim

Classic elegance with the presence of opulent and glamour accent, Stradivarius new shoes collection offers women’s polished brogues in shiny black polyurethane material featuring glam stud trim and eyelet embellishments in gold finished tones. (£32.99)

And here to see the favorite shoes of Kate Hudson from Jimmy Choo Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Edition!

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: punched bluchers with track sole

For ladies, the Spanish fashion label also comes up with refined chic yet elegant punched bluchers in polished black material with practical lace up details featuring bold, energetic track sole. (£29.99)

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: moccasins with chain trim

To complete an understated feminine chic and glam mood at the same time, the Stradivariusmoccasins with chain trim are also among the must-have exclusive elements for a more distinctive look throughout the season. (£35.99)

Stradivarius Provocative High Heel & Flat Shoes

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: double ankle strap narrow heel sandals

To enhance an appealing look in the evening, Stradivarius also suggests sensuous narrow heel sandals in black featuring double adjustable ankle strap with gold colored buckles while its open toe band and 8 cm stiletto heel ultimately give a lustrous accent to wear with elegant little black dress or any other seductive pieces from ladies’ autumn-winter 2015/2016 wardrobe. (£25.99)

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: gladiator-inspired lace-up ballerinas

As alternative, the brand also presents fabulous lace-up ballerinas in black featuring intriguing gladiator-inspired lace up detail that wraps around from the upper part to the ankle section while the stunning gold colored eyelets and the Stradivarius signature metal hardware appliqué in the rear section complete an opulent chic and glam allure at cheerful evening. (£25.99)

Stradivarius Designer Shoes Collection: simple chic ballerinas with bow trim

To give a distinctive feminine and easy mood to your everyday look, Stradivarius also offers lovely ballerinas with bow trim closure in the upper. These shoes are unmistakably must-have essentials to be in your footwear closet to emphasize a simple, effortless yet elegant attitude in every occasion. (£17.99)

For women, those are among the fashionable footwear of the season proposed by Stradivarius Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection we shared here at www.fashionbashon.com along with the price list and seductive details. Discover other sensuous boots, sneakers, high-heeled sandals, ballerinas, moccasins, brogues and other shoes with glam chic and fabulous details 

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