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The latest Saint Laurent Envelope Chain Bag is the ultimate sophisticated shoulder bag, but with a lot of chic’ness. This handbag is launched for the Cruise 2018 Collection, but it’s designed to be forever-in-trend and it can be used in any occasions. Isn’t that the perfect handbag? Isn’t that worth your investment?

The Design


Built for a lifetime, the Envelope Chain Bag is made in calfskin. And when drafting the design, Saint Laurent chooses to mix a series of complicated quilting together. The flap is chevron quilted, but there are also versions that are vertical quilted on the side-edges of the flap. And what’s more interesting is that the lower part is crafted in diamond quilting.

Obviously there are also simpler versions available. You can have your Envelope Chain Bag also in chevron quilting only. The most notable part is the signature YSL logo crafted on the center flap. You can either pick gold or silver hardware.

This bag comes with a metallic chain that can be overlapped. You can easily sling the bag over your shoulder or just carry it on your shoulder. The back comes with a slot pocket, so that you can store your instant-essentials.

The Interior


This is a flat but stunning shoulder bag. The interior is made with a main compartment but also a zip pocket to store your important stuff.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 31 x 22 x 7.5 cm, the strap drop is 30 cm. This bag is priced at 1890 euro, $2590 USD, £1625 GBP.

Where To Shop Saint Laurent Envelope Chain Bag?

1. Farfetch – You can find this handbag here.

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Many handbags come and go without a clear reason why. And it hit us the hardest when it is a ‘classic’ handbag that everyone loves. Chanel discontinued the GST Bag, Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is nowhere to be seen today and Saint Laurent stopped the production of the Muse 2 Bag in 2013. But who is the Saint Laurent Downtown Bag? The replacement of the Muse?

The Saint Laurent Downtown Bag has been around for sometime, at least before 2007, which makes it 10+ years now. But throughout the years, this bag went through a lot of modification and the look has changed from urban chic to classic. The new design was renamed to Downtown Cabas Bag.


The Original Saint Laurent Downtown Bag
Instagram @Fashion Phile

The Design

You can still see some similarities between the old Downtown Bag and the Downtown Cabas Bag. The most notable part is the side wings. But there are also a lot of new changes; the Downtown Cabas Bag literally looks timeless. It features the House’s most precious YSL logo on the front, a chic signature tag and a buckle closure.

The gusseted side panels, aka side wings, can be expanded or contracted to create more space in the interior. It also creates a different style and you might love it more when the wings are inside. But this bag does remind me of someone else whom I also dearly love? Oh wait! The Celine Trapeze Bag.

Unlike the old Downtown Bag, which is slouchier, the Downtown Cabas Bag holds much better shape. It’s made with durable and luxurious calfskin leather. It also comes with removable shoulder strap, so there are multiple ways of carrying.


The Interior

The side wings can be expanded to create more space. The inside is made with one large compartment and a slot pocket. This bag can be used as an everyday bag, because it can carry your daily essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Fortunately, there is more than one size available for the Downtown Cabas Bag. Which one is your favorite?

Saint Laurent Toy Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 9.8’ x 3.7’ x 5.3’ inches
Prices in Croc Embossed: $1290 USD, €1190 euro, £1050 GBP

Saint Laurent Baby Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 14’ x 7.6’ x 4.7’ inches
Prices: $2150 USD, €1650 euro, £1390 GBP

Saint Laurent Small Downtown Cabas Bag
Size: 17.2’ x 8.6’ x 5.8’ inches
Prices: $2490 USD, €1850 euro, £1590 GBP

Where To Buy The Saint Laurent Toy Downtown Cabas Bag?

Find This Bag At MyTheresa.

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Saint Laurent introduces exclusive pair of Stiletto Roller Skates

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YSL is on a roll these days, and we mean that quite literally. After stunning half of the world with uber-chic “YSL” heels and the glittering shrug boots, Anthony Vaccarello is back again to stump the other half with an ingenious pair of Roller heels! If walking around in the pointy 5 inches wasn’t complicated enough, Saint Laurent’s new ‘heels with wheels’ promise to swoop you right to the ground unless you are a sound skater!

As evident from the pictures, the stunning stilettoes combine shiny streaks of pink, golden and blue against a jet-black canvas, with few other sultry design elements on display. The clever (and dangerous) part of the deal though is the wheels that come attached right below the heel length and soles in white. While strutting around these in a party is equivalent to inviting a hip break, no one can take away from their brainy design! The impractical wonders certainly do not fail to impress us with their aesthetics and are evident of the talent that Saint Laurent truly holds!

Anthony Vaccarello, the brand’s new creative director too, has added a long feather in his cap for these exclusive heels and is already getting the fashion world in awe of him. The gorgeous Stiletto Rollers are part of the YSL’s 2017 fall collection and can be purchased for $2600. For the not-so-daring souls, another version in the form of sneakers can be purchased for $1195.


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Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

Designer Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent just introduced probably the boldest design of stiletto heels ever. The luxury brand released a completely unexpected new product, that got mixed reactions. The high-heeled roller skate stilettos are definitely a brave and daring product that is one of the most challenging ones so far. They are a part of the new Autumn/Winter collection of the French fashion house and are available in stores.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

Anthony Vaccarello is the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, appointed just last year. He is the same designer that signed on these heels. Vaccarello is known for his ultra-feminine designs and bold decisions. The shoes have a very fun design that features a heel higher than 3 inches. They have three roller skate wheels attached at the bottom, one placed on the heel, and the other two at the front of the shoe platform. Right between the front two wheels, there is a kick-stop brake. The patterns of the shoes are as fun as the design. They are reportedly called the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller and are available in five different designs.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled StilettosYves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This is not the first time that the luxury brand and Anthony have presented a shoe inspired by roller skates. The brand has already released roller skate hybrid sneakers that also featured wheels. That design was most certainly daring, but the heels are a whole new dimension. The rolling sneakers were sold at $1,195. The roller skate stilettos were already teased in a campaign earlier this year in February. The ad campaign itself raised a lot of controversies and was categorized as sexist. But honestly, this type of shoe doesn’t even need an advertisement.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

So the question is, are these heels wearable and safe? Even thinking about walking on high-heels makes our feet hurt, now imagine rolling on them. It doesn’t sound like the best idea, but fashion is not about comfort anymore. There probably won’t be that many brave women to wear them, but there will be a lot of brave ones to buy them.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This daring stilettos will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, which is on the very high end of the budget. If you are a huge Saint Laurent fan that can’t resist buying the most iconic pieces, then you should definitely buy a pair.


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Yes we know. It’s extremely long. And perhaps it’s not practical at all, but let’s be honest: this clutch will certainly catch a lot of eyes.

Quite a unique design, this bag is called the Saint Laurent Fetische Long Clutch. It is released for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection and you can just carry it with an evening dress or casual outfit. But the real question is; what fit inside something that is so long?

The design
Saint Laurent loves to create timeless handbags with quality leathers. This Fetische Long Clutch is designed with minimal look, in solid color, so you can focus on the leather quality. It’s so minimalistic that the house decided to craft the logo in tiny letters on the front flap.

Crafted from calfskin leather, which is smooth but grainy. This clutch certainly feel luxurious, but the leather is impeccable as well. It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap, so you will need to carry it throughout the evening. This bag is fun, but it’s only great for special occasions. But what do you think?


The interior
The inside is quite simple. This bag opens with a front flap. The interior is made with one LONG interior compartment and a zipped pocket. It opens and closes with magnetic clasp. Looking from the side, it’s also very thin. We just hope that it isn’t very heavy.

Measuring 19.5’ x 3.9’ x 2’ inches, priced at $1790 USD, via Saint Laurent store.

We’ve found cheaper price via Luisa Via Roma.

So what do you think about this bag? Is it practical? Yes? No?





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Saint Laurent Charlotte Messenger Bag

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Introducing the Saint Laurent Charlotte Messenger Bag. This sleek messenger bag is one of the brand’s newest design from their Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. The Charlotte comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, Large. It features a front flap with metal loops and a magnetic snap closure. It can be worn across the body, or on the shoulder. The Medium and Large can also be carried by hand as it includes a top handle. This bag is perfect for everyday use with its functional design and spacious interior. Available in different materials such as Suede, Leather, Studded Leather, Patent and Crocodile Embossed.




Saint Laurent Leather Charlotte Small Messenger Bag $1,690.00 (USD) 7.5” W x 6.7” H x 2.4” D
Saint Laurent Suede Charlotte Small Messenger Bag $1,690.00 (USD)




Saint Laurent Leather Charlotte Medium Messenger Bag $1,690.00 (USD) 9.4” W x 5.8” H x 2.7” D
Saint Laurent Patent Charlotte Medium Messenger Bag $1,690.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Charlotte Medium Messenger Bag $1,790.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Matte Charlotte Medium Messenger Bag $1,990.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Studded Charlotte Medium Messenger Bag $2,450.00 (USD)




Saint Laurent Suede Charlotte Large Messenger Bag $1,990.00 (USD) 10.9” W x 7.0” H x 3.7” D
Saint Laurent Lace-Up Sides Charlotte Large Messenger Bag $2,150.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Leather Charlotte Large Messenger Bag $1,990.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Charlotte Large Messenger Bag $2,150.00 (USD)

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