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One after one irresistible handbags are popping out from nowhere. We have reviewed the Coco Quilted Bag, Deauville Camellia Bag, Classic Shoulder Flap Bag and it doesn’t top. Today, we will be chit chatting about the Chanel Puffy Bag. So get your tea and cookies ready.

The Design

There is actually an older Chanel bag that’s also called the Puffy Bag. But the one that you’re now eyeing on is the modernized version and it’s ready to become your baby. So what is Puffy all about?

Oh I like the name! Puffy means soft, round and light, and I can imagine. The Puffy Bag is not like the Classic Flap Bag, which is another plus. It’s chevron quilted but done in an elegant way, because the center is divided with a straight-line, can you see that?

What’s more? True to its name, the bag is indeed round and soft. And gladly, it’s made from calfskin, which is also durable and strong.

The center features the smooth signature CC logo, but then again look closer. The middle of the logo is actually designed with a different color (same shade as the bag).

And besides all, it comes with the iconic woven chain leather strap for shoulder and cross body carry. But I’d love it because of the uniqueness, and I hope that there will only be limited available, so that it stays scarce.

And talking about the price, it’s even cheaper than the Small Classic Flap Bag. Yep, isn’t that a steal?

The Interior


So how does the interior look like? Well, sufficient space for everything. And it might be even better than the classic edition because there is just one big compartment, so you can organize your stuff as you like. And there is also a zip pocket for the important essentials like paper money or credit cards.

The Prices And Sizes

We do not have the style code, but we can share the current price. The measurement is comparable to the Small Classic Flap Bag and this handbag in small size is retailing for $3200 USD.

The Small Classic Flap Bag is now selling for $4700 USD. You see, this baby is much cheaper. And it’s made from calfskin!

For as far as I know, this bag comes in white, black and navy.

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What’s the best way to differentiate yourself without sacrificing your love for the classics? Well, here’s the secret – take an iconic handbag, but with seasonal addition. For example, these Boy Chanel Braided WOCs from Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1. It’s like hitting two jackpots in one; you get the style you want and it’s beautiful as well. So what do you think?

The Design


Or you can just buy it as an investment because you like collecting Boys. These Boy Chanel WOCs are the ones that you want to bring with when having fine dine with your friends. And the best of all, without any hype, you can never go wrong with these. Always in-style. Forever-trending and better than investing stocks.

These Boy WOCs are nicely built without the quilting, but instead the centers are crafted with two-tone braided-patterns in lambskin. The two-tone eliminates the boredom out of the bag and creates a touchy and lovely contrast. The middle features the iconic studded clasp that everyone fashion girl loves. And what’s best of all? These are unique designs because they will be gone when the season is over.

And if you doubt whether this Boy will be useful or not. Ask yourself; is there a moment when you need this beautiful thing? Of course there is.

The Interior

The interior looks like a big wallet. Inside you will find multiple compartments with patch pockets and credit card slots to help you organize your daily essentials. The only question left is; will you be carrying it day or night? Or both?

The Prices And Sizes

Style code A80287, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $3150 USD, €2950 EUR, £2670 GBP, $4960 SGD, $25900 HKD, $4650 AUD via Chanel boutiques.

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Your love for the Camellia Bag is about to expand, because there is a newer version just around the corner. Meet the Chanel Camellia Studded WOC from the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2. As you might already know, Camellia is one of the label’s iconic symbols and it’s emotionally connected with the founder Gabrielle Chanel. So carrying the Camellia WOC is like owning a piece of Gabrielle’s love story, owning a piece of the brand’s history.

The Design


Just one dose of Camellia is sufficient to give you that fashion-boost that you need so desperately for the Spring and Summer seasons. Just take a closer look at the bag; the signature flower has been beautifully stitched all over the body. It’s screaming CHANEL without intentionally bragging (we don’t like to show off right? Let the bag to the job).

The studs are the true miracles for this season because we’ve already seen and talked about the Camellia WOC without the studs. The little round-shaped studs are embellished on the critical areas to create that chic’er style. It actually highlights the flower, making the Camella even bolder than it already was. And of course, the center features the signature smooth CC logo as the finishing touch. Oh and what makes it even more desiring is that its made from calfskin – a leather with minimum maintenance and maximum luxury. So is this love or is it love?

The Interior

Just like any Chanel WOCs, this version is also designed with multiple compartments like patch pockets and credit card slots. There is enough space to fill-up your daily needs.

The Prices And Sizes

Style code A82336, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $2300 USD, $2750 CAD, €1980 EUR, £1790 GBP, $3330 SGD, $17400 HKD, $3120 AUD, ¥274320 JPY via Chanel boutiques.

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Here’s the second handbag that hasn’t been featured on Chanel website, exciting right? Well, it’s a squared, handle and flap bag in one and it’s gorgeous. The style represents the Classic Flap Bag Collection, because many details are very alike. This bag might be seasonal as well and it’s available for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1. So meet the Chanel Squared Classic Handle Bag.

The Design

Just take a good look at this beautiful thing. It’s like the Classic Flap Bag has been broken down, then put back together to create a new style. This bag is like the handle bag version of the Classic Bag.

The body is diamond quilted as well as the flap. It comes with the iconic smooth CC logo on the front. Then a nice handle has been crafted on the top. This is a stunning lady’s bag, perfect for day and night, perfect for any occasions. And the best of all, it’s might be limited as it will unavailable after this season.

The bag is made with a woven chain leather strap for shoulder carry as well as cross body carry. Your wardrobe will love it.

And btw, this bag is made from lambskin. For now it’s only available in silver hardware. The colors we know are black, beige and pink.

The Sizes And Prices

Currently we do not have the style code, measurement or prices. Please check with the SA for more details.

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It’s bubblicious at Chanel again, so meet the bag of love – the Chanel Bubble Flap Bag. You have to know that the Bubble Bag already existed for sometime – there is a quite lookalike bag available in the past. But the Bubble has been renovated and now the new design fits perfectly to the modern world. Introducing for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1, let’s dive into the details.

The Design

The Bubble Bag has a nice round shape, just like the Halfmoon WOC (if you still can remember it). The bag is quilted and decorated with the signature smooth CC logo on the front, yet it feels and looks different.

You will have the luxurious appeal due to the lambskin leather, which is butterly soft. However, the studs and multicolor hardware decoration add another feel to it. The CC logo is crafted in silver hardware, but also with yellow shade (or different color, depends on the bag). Then there are the studs embellished on the edges of the flap. It’s mixed with silver and yellow studs.

You can sling it on your shoulder or just wear it cross body. It comes with a medium-sized chain but reinforced with leather patch for shoulder comfort. This is a seasonal bag, but very lovely and distinctive. So what do you think?

And one more thing, it features a backpocket, just like on the Classic Flap Bag.

The Sizes And Prices

Style code: A57153, measuring 5.5’ x 9.1’ x 2.4’ inches, priced at $4000 USD, $5250 CAD, €3750 EUR, £3400 GBP, $6300 SGD, $32900 HKD, $5910 AUD, ¥518400 JPY, 19650 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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This week is going to be exciting because we will be sharing a few stunning handbag that hasn’t been featured on Chanel’s website. And one of them is the Chanel Coco Quilted Bag from the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1. This bag does remind me of the Daily Shopping Bag, but mixed with the Gabrielle Bag style. So what do you think?

The Design

Even tough this is a seasonal handbag; the style looks classic and fabulous. It also got that boyish charm from the Gabrielle Bag – the body is crafted in diamond quilting, but the bottom is refined with smooth leather patches. The bag appears to be either made in calfskin or lambskin and it got that flexible shape to hold a lot of essentials.

Truly, this bag will attract a lot of eyes when you tote it as it comes with the beautiful CC charm on the front. You can also opt-in to carry the bag on your shoulder because it’s made with the signature woven chain leather strap (just like the ones on the Classic Bags). So if you’re looking for the perfect tote, then this might be your choice. And who knows, maybe this bag will become the next ‘it’ bag.

The Interior

This bag is medium-sized when comparing to the Large Classic Tote. The interior is ideal to carry your daily stuff and maybe more. And it’s the perfect candidate to become your everyday bag.

The Sizes And Prices

We do not have the exact measurement of this bag nor the style code and prices. Please check with the SA for more details.

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