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Chanel-Diamond-Chevron-O-CaseWe’ve talked a lot about the O Cases lately, but nothing tops the one we’re going to review. This Chanel Diamond Chevron O Case from the Cruise 2018 Collection is not only ridiculous gorgeous but its also unique, never-seen-before and limited. When this season is over, you will probably never see this bag again. |

The Design

There is already a diamond-quilted version and there is already a chevron-quilted version of the O Case. But what’s more interesting is when we can mix these two components together and create an entire new style..

The lower part is crafted in Chevron Quilting while the top part is made in Diamond Quilting. The Diamond Quilting is purposely designed in smaller pieces to match the overall look. It creates a contemporary feel but you can certainly bet that this handbag will still be trending 10 or 20 years later.

The Interior

The interior is rather simple. Inside you will find one large compartment to store all your basic necessities or evening essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Diamond Chevron O Case
Size: 7.9’ x 10.8’ x 0.4’ inches
Estimated prices: $1100 USD, $1550 CAD, €1105 euro, £1000 GBP, $1800 SGD, 5560 MYR, $9200 HKD

Chanel Diamond Chevron O Case
Size: 9.4’ x 13.8’ x 0.6’ inches
Estimated Prices: $1300 USD, $1700 CAD, €1210 euro, £1090 GBP, $1970 SGD, 6090 MYR, $10100 HKD

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So every fashion brand has their own bucket bag? Well, then perhaps it’s time for Fendi to craft their own. Meet the Mon Tresor Bag from the Cruise 2018 Collection. So is this bucket bag really special? Is it better than the other brands?

The Design

Bucket bags are made to be as practical as backpacks. The interior should be spacious and the leather flexible so it can store a lot more stuff than duffle bag or a shoulder bag. Well that’s a theory of course. But what we also should expect from high fashion; is that the bag should look fabulous too. Or else, why bother paying the higher prices, right?

We have seen plenty of people carrying bucket bags and we have to say that the smallest size is the cutest. So perhaps that’s why Fendi starts with the mini sizes.

The Mon Tresor Bag looks surprisingly simple – it features the drawstring fastening and metal decoration on the sides and on the eyelets. It comes with two detachable shoulder straps, one is long and other is short, so that you can carry it in different ways.

This handbag is made from calfskin, which is a strong and durable leather. But here is what you also can expect from Fendi. In the upcoming months, they will be redesigning this bucket bag by adding cute decoration and other embellishment. They’ve already created one with big pearls on the bottom.

The Interior

The inside of this handbag is rather simple. There is one large space for all your personal stuff. And in this case, simplicity will only maximize the roominess of the interior.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 18 x 10 (H x D) cm, priced at €1180 euro, $1560 USD, £1070 GBP.

Where to shop Fendi Mon Tresor Bag

1. SSENSE – You can find this handbag here in different colors.

2. MyTheresa – The black version with pearl embellished can be found here.

3. Farfetch – More styles are available here.

4. Matches Fashion – Also check here for the pink color.

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#BagsofTPF: So Much Hermès, So Little Time

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An In-Depth Review of Kaitlin’s Newest Bag Buy: The Chloé Drew Bag

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I’ve loved the Chloé Drew Bag since its release nearly four years ago. At the time, I was just beginning my career and was interning at Chloé’s NYC office. The Drew was just making its big debut, and it’s truly thrilling to see how much momentum it has gained and what a staple it is now among the Chloé line-up. Sadly, I finished up my time there without snagging a Drew bag, and I regretted it until the very day I finally got a Small Chloé Drew of my own!

A couple of weeks ago I found one on sale in a beautiful off-white color, and after chatting with you guys about winter white bags, I didn’t even think twice about swiping my credit card. I’ve been carrying it since the day I got it, which has been a little surprising, because at the time I thought I would reserve it for special occasions or nights out due to the color. But I love it so much, I haven’t wanted to put it down.

The Drew that I got is a Spring 2017 style, which features a thicker chain strap that can also be doubled to carry it shorter, which I honestly really, really love. I’ve been wearing this bag one of three ways: crossbody, over the shoulder, or hand carried with the strap doubled. Crossbody is probably the way I wear it most, as I love to be hands-free, and the chain strap does tend to slip off when its thrown over just one shoulder. The latch is really easy to get in and out of, and I like that it also is a bit magnetic, so if you forget to twist the turncock into the closed position, it won’t pop right open. The gold hardware is a bit more matte and a little less shiny on this style of Drew, which I also really love.

Truth be told, this is not the world’s most functional bag. Due to the shape, you have to kind of organize your goods in an awkward way so that the bag will close and keep its shape, but I love the overall look of the Drew so much, its a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I got the small size versus the nano, and it’s a really great size to transition from day to night for me personally. However, if you tend carry a lot during the day, then this definitely won’t work for you as a day bag, but it would make an excellent evening bag. I was able to fit in all of my musts: a Louis Vuitton small zippered card case, my favorite Ray-Bans (I have them in two colors!), my iPhone 6S, a pack of gum, and some miscellaneous beauty products, which I keep in a small pouch.

There is one interior slit pocket, so you could skip a wallet or a card case if you wanted to, which I often do when I’m going out at night as I rarely carry any cash. The Drew bag is crafted in Italy of beautiful grained leather and lined in suede. Its dimensions are 9.3″H x 8.3″W x 3.2″D. The exact color I got is unfortunately sold out, but you can snag one of your own for $1,950 via Farfetch.

Overall, I give this bag an 8 out of 10. I would have given it more because I’m truly obsessed with it, but that wouldn’t be too objective, now would it? The reason it wouldn’t get a full ten stars is because the usability and functionality of this bag are ultimately not the best, but where it lacks in practicality, it makes up in looks. It’s beautifully crafted, and I’ve always been super impressed with the quality of Chloé’s bags. My favorite Marcie bag that I still use today has aged beautifully, and I’m sure this will do the same. I think this bag has pretty good staying power as well, and I see it living among the Chloé lineup for years to come. Do any of you own a Drew? What are your thoughts on this bag?

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Who doesn’t know the Celine Trio Bag? Who doesn’t want it? It’s one of the well known handbags in the fashion world and it has been covered in numerous fashion news, personal blogs and Youtube video’s. So the Trio Bag needs no introduction from me, but we’d like to write a nice review about it. Let’s talk iconic, shall we?

The Design

Maybe it’s the simplicity and maybe because it’s cute as well. Then you can say that the Trio Bag is handy.

It got that nice rectangle/squared shape and it’s certainly minimalistic. But that minimalism gives the appearance a classic look. It’s like you can wear this handbag with almost any outfit and still it will look fabulous.

But let’s be honest; the color choices are a killing. There are so many, but can you choose? Does the red look better? The dark green, burgundy perhaps? Or just the classic black to be save?

And like always, Celine’s logo is printed very nicely and gently on the top center of this handbag. Lovely huh?

The Trio Bag is made from smooth lambskin, but you can also opt-in to liege calfskin, And of course, calfskin is a bit more durable.

Because this bag comes with a long shoulder strap (20 inch long), you can carry it on your shoulder or cross body. The leather strap can be adjusted to your comfort of course.

In general, the Trio Bag is made with three seperated zipped pouch that’s attached together with snap buttons. And here’s also the thing. You can transform the Trio Bag into a clutch bag by attaching together the two external pouch. Clever right?

I think this handbag is famous also because of its usefullness and at the same time, it’s simple and easy to carry. And also, the price is affordable.

The Interior


The three seperated compartments are very handy because you can easily organize and structure your personal belonings. Each compartment or pouch can be opened with a zip. And each pouch can fit a lot of stuff like your wallet, a book, phone and basically all the things you need for your busy lifestyle.

The Prices And Sizes

There are two sizes available:

Celine Small Trio Pouch
Size: 9’ x 6’ x 2’ inches
Prices: $1100 USD, €750 EUR, £690 GBP, $1400 SGD, $8500 HKD, $1350 AUD, ¥120000 JPY, ¥7900 CNY.

Celine Large Trio Pouch
Size: 10’ x 7’ x 2’ inches
Prices: $1300 USD, €900 EUR, £830 GBP, $1700 SGD, $10500 HKD, $1650 AUD, ¥145000 JPY, ¥9600 CNY.

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Gorgeous isn’t? It’s the Lady Dior Bag with Chain, but what does that mean? Is this not just another Lady Dior Bag? Yes it is, but a different type.

The original Lady Dior Bags were crafted with leather shoulder strap, but there are other variation now. Like the My Ladior Bag where you can customize your shoulder strap with lucky badges. And this Lady Dior Bag with beautiful shiny chain for shoulder carry.

The Lady Dior Bag with Chain is not a new bag. It was first-introduced in late 2014 and it became instant-popular – it was the first-choice for many fashionista’s. But somehow the house didn’t roll out a lot of versions, not until today.

The Design

This is the Lady Dior Bag with Chain, super cute! The body, shape and the design are just like the original Lady Dior Bag…but wait! This is the Lady Dior Bag. The only difference is that it comes with a long, adjustable and removable chain strap.

The usual choice for the Lady Dior with Chain is small and mini sizes. The jewel-like chain changes the overall look of this handbag a bit. It looks much chic’er, much more modern and ladylike. And also, don’t forget that this is an iconic handbag. It’s as popular as Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag or Hermes’s Birkin Bag.





There are of course, many leather choices. The lambskin is the most popular one and it’s considered the classic choice. But if you want a more daring shade, then pick patent. Which leather you choose depends on your personal preference. For example, the pink potus pearly color goes great with lambskin

The Interior


The inside comes with an internal flap. If you dive deeper then you can find one large compartment for all your basic and daily essentials. There are plenty of room, but do note that the mini and small sizes are not that big. So it won’t fit a 15’ inch laptop.

What’s more? You can also find a zip pocket inside.

The Prices And Sizes

Mini Lady Dior Bag in Lambskin or Patent
Size: 17 x 15 x 7 cm
Prices: £2200 GBP, €2400 EUR, ₩3800 WON.

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