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The biggest challenge in shopping is to choose when there is more than one bag that you like. And everyone must have experienced this before, especially when you go to a boutique like ‘Chanel’. Now, life is already hard. And it’s even harder because the Boy Chanel Bag comes in different slightly modified styles like ‘Chevron Quilting’, ‘in Multicolor Tweeds’ or ‘Chain Around’. And if you cannot choose, then its best to just pick the iconic style – the Boy Chanel Quilted Bags.

But there is one more dilemma you have to face and that’s to pick the right color. You see, the blue looks very interesting, but the beige seems to be perfect for all season. Or the burgundy color, which is not too red and attention grabbing, but still attractive. Then the lipstick red is popping out and perhaps you should just go with that one…only this time.

After that, you still need to choose your favorite hardware and the size. Or you can stick with the basics: The Boy Chanel Medium Quilted Flap Bag in Black.


The Boy Chanel Medium Quilted Flap Bag in Black is usually sold-out everywhere. This combination of the Boy Bag is most picked because:

a). The size is just right for many women.
b). The color is easily to match with any clothing style
c). The combination of the color and quilting is timeless

Now, check out the colors available for this season. For the latest prices, you can check this bag: Chanel Iconic Bag Prices.











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Louis Vuitton Race Bags

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 ‘Race’ Speedy30 Bandouliere


If you’ve walked into any Louis Vuitton boutique lately, you would already have seen the new Cruise 2017 bags that have started arriving on our shores. And one of the standout pieces from this collection would be the ‘Race’ Speedy30 Bandouliere, also known as Nicolas Ghesquière’s tribute to the Brazilian life, where the runway presentation was shown back in the month of May in Rio. Made with a mish-mash of LV’s best known icons, there’s a bit of Monogram Reverse, a bit of Epi and a bit ofDamier, all held together with the word Vuitton splashed across the front of the bag.

Then there’s this, the other striking colour combination that this seasonal Speedy30 Bandouliere comes in. Finished with a patch pocket on the side (much like the ones the vintage Epi Speedy bags used to have) and a shoulder sling that’s also removable, I do hope this means that Louis Vuitton will start having more fun and seasonal Speedy bags again, just like the ones Marc Jacobs always had whenever he launched a new collection. Priced at SGD3400, it’s not exactly cheap but with such a mix of colours and materials (did I also mention this is limited edition?), I didn’t really expect it to cost any less.


6 / 6

Louis Vuitton Race Speedy Bag



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Wholesale fashion bags to top retailer pyramid


Wholesale fashion bags to top retailer pyramid

Wholesale fashion bags to top retailer pyramid

Top selling Wholesale fashion bags

These days’ trends come and go as new fashions hit the scene daily.  In the world of arm candies, the story is no different. A bag is much more than a useful item for carrying money and makeup.  It has become a style statement. They are deemed as much importance as shoes and jewelry y. So women find it necessary to keep a tab on what’s hot. So the stores that dole out the bags to the women must also keep track or they will miss the boat. This season’s fun picks include summer color clutches with rock-chic embellishments, transparent color gradation bags from brands like Furla, Dior’s take on the classic black tote and of course the airy tan cylindrical handbag is also a rage. Now everybody cannot afford the high end bags, so retaining the styles one must also sources similar one’s in the lower cost bracket. This way the women coming to your store will get what they want at a lower price as well.

One must balance it out when it comes to big labels and the smaller ones that offer quality wares. At one can find everything your store needs and maybe even more! To know more avenues for Wholesale fashion bags, log on to and you will definitely know how to bag a good deal!

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Finding bags with best cuts, colours & designs in wholesale on Handbag blog


Finding bags with best cuts, colours & designs in wholesale on Handbag blog

Finding bags with best cuts, colours & designs in wholesale on Handbag blog

As the Spring-Summer ’14 fashion season has commenced, across the world, top labels have launched trendy handbag collections. A range of gorgeous bags have descended upon us – from smart clutches and leather flap bags to pastel purses and neon totes. Finding a reliable vendor with a versatile and varied bag collection for acquiring in bulk is quite a challenge! One has to scout the market and the far reaches of the vast internet to find a wholesale distributor offering superior products at competitive rates. In this regard, is one of the best wholesalers in the business offering a great selection of fashion forward handbags, wallets, backpacks and purses. Having such a magical source will ensure an excited flow of consumers to buy variety of products and the latest styles. Information on quality product sources such as is available on one-stop Handbag blog called all material on bag vendors and tips for retail businesses to buy in bulk contact only trusted wholesalers.

Why does a trusted Handbag blog recommend

Whether you are looking for something small and subtle or big and bold will surely have it and the cherry on the cake is the unbelievable rates for bulk orders. You can stock up your warehouse with coveted products like totes, satchels, genuine leather bags and purses, shoulder bags, celebrity bags, cross body and messenger bags, cosmetic bags and pouches, in an array of distinctive hues and designs, all under celebrated brand names. Due to the high quality of the bags and the great bulk rates, the Handbag blog Wholesalehandbagsblog.comadvises retailers to place orders from worthy sources. Whether you have a known bag boutique or a start up store, it is important to have a decent line and not lose any money while getting the inventory. At the end of the day, if the product sits on the glass shelf for a long time, profits will not be immediate. That is why one must buy at a decent rate to get a good deal before the season ends.

Resellers should work out a comparative study while choosing the vendor. Some of the significant considerations to be made include:

  1. Availability of latest trends and not dated products. This includes what is hot and happening in terms of the best of branded products, local items and special limited edition pieces.
  2. Quality and durability make a difference – finish and finesse are key factors.
  3. The rates offered for bulk orders are important for any retailer.
  4. Timely delivery, shipment and consignment clauses with territorial implications.
  5. The clientele that sources from the vendor and the number of years of business. This will prove their standing and viability.

When one considers these five top reasons, seems an ideal wholesaler. Check as it will lead you to the best vendors around and you can effectively start networking for your business through its expansive directory. You can also benefit through this Handbag blog by advertising through them. So it’s a win-win scenario in entirety!

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The Many Bags of Taraji P. Henson

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