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When I started PurseBlog, the very first designer I ever met was Rebecca Minkoff. I still remember how nervous I was to meet her, but we ended up hitting it off right away. Over the years her brand has grown into an international household name and we still have the loyal Minkettes on tPF and reading PurseBlog daily.

I will always be a classic RM girl, partial to the MAB, MAC and Matinee (anyone remember that bag? Still one of my favorites). There are ample new designs as well, including this Rebecca Minkoff Midnighter Top Handle Bag. Rebecca sent me this bag and I wanted to share it with you.

A few things to note off the bat: you have to be a fan of stud detailing to like this bag. Each panel of leather is outlined in signature studs, and I don’t find the studs to be too large, as they are probably slightly smaller than the top of an eraser and flat. The bag is light! I have never wanted a light bag more than I do since I had Millie. Today I was carrying her around the mall in her BabyBjörn and my bag, even though I edited it down, was still heavy enough to make me feel uncomfortable. This bag is not heavy. and the leather is still really buttery. The dimensions are too small to fit my typical continental zip wallet, but large enough to fit your essentials. (Not large enough to carry any additional baby essentials, though.)

I’d probably change the strap out—the grommeted strap is a bit much for me. I know Rebecca Minkoff, and the majority of other brands, offer interchangeable straps now, so there are options if that’s what you like as well (actually, I really like this floral one RM offers). While not my typical, go-to style, I really love this bag for an easy throw-it-over-your-shoulder-and-go bag. The strap is long enough to carry cross-body and there’s a top handle in case you want to carry it that way as well.

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Purse Forum Roundup 30

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Happy end of June, friends! We hope you are enjoying summer so far. This week on the PurseForum, we visited Mulberry, Bottega Veneta, Hermès and more. And what we have here is just the tip of the iceberg, so come on in.

In Gucci, it’s all about the Marmont. We spotted this dazzling blue version of this new classic in sassynik’s page one reveal. This beautiful bag looks great on, as you will see in sassy’s modeling shots! L4lou took also the plunge after lusting after many a bag since Alessandro Michele took the helm. Her berry jewel-toned Marmont is indeed delicious, and certainly is a great addition to any collection. Fans are also talking about the Marmont in this thread, a good place to start if you are considering adding this bag to your wardrobe.

Ceedoan selected a different take Gucci’s Marmont line and picked up the backpack versonof this hit style. Ceedoan’s thread starts with a useful review, along with modeling pictures, which are particularly enabling if you are up for a luxe-but-casual bag for summer. Any bag fan knows two new bags are better than one, so drop into the thread to see what the else came home with Ceedoan!

How cute is this Mulberry Bayswater shoulder bag? We dropped into the very friendly Mulberry forum when we got wind of a sale, and this little gem caught our eye. Skater is the new proud owner of this sweet bag, which already has a lot of fans.

Sale time is fun time all over the PurseForum, and if you are a fan of Mulberry, you will not want to miss what Wordsworth brought home. This luscious bag was an instant hit, and the spectacular blue Roxette that came along as well is just as fabulous.

If you are not familiar with Mulberry, you might want to take a look at the Family Photosthread, along with the Bag of the Day thread, where we found this pretty Daria among the flowers, thanks to NY2005.

Cruise collections bags always pique our curiosity, and we enjoy browsing the different designer collections. And, ever better, we love when our members bring home one of these colorful bags and share photos with us. This week, we found TenKrat’s recent purchase of this vivid, summery shoulder bag from Bottega Veneta.  

We also love family photos, and Diane278’s love of BV’s yummy barolo bags (and their close cousins) gave rise to this splendid ensemble—quite a family, isn’t it? Diane tried to resist but fell under the spell, and who can blame her?

Up next, another 2017 Cruise bag, this time from Dior. We found this Lady Dior in lvlove707’s reveal thread, which includes lots of information on this lovely little bag, as well as a look at what fits inside.

Sparkletastic lived up to her fabulous name this week and showed off her vacation haul. (What is it about vacation money that makes it so much easier to spend?) You know when the little boxes are accompanied by a big one that it is going to be great, and this reveal sure is.

We can’t resist a little tease, but be sure to stop into Dior and Sparkle’s thread to see the rest!

Continuing with a theme: In Hermès, LoveemAll got our attention right at the jump with her reveal. If you want to see what is in all the boxes, visit her reveal thread—you will not be sorry. (Hint: Kelly).

Orangefanatic also shared a special reveal with us, and of course, it is spectacular. We know that price- and style-wise, a Birkin is not for everyone, but we know that those who love them will love this reveal. For more good time with Hermès, stop by the Hermès in Action thread, where you can see our members styling these bags, scarves, and more in their daily lives—you’ll be surprised how versatile Hermès can be!

Thank you for spending this summer day with us. We hope you have a great weekend and we are looking forward to our next visit. We hope our Roundup will inspire you to find bags, shoes, and friends at the PurseForum. Stay cool, and enjoy your dessert, courtesy of Dotty8!

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Frilly Flowers and Fancy Food with Coach at Cafe Clover

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15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend

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Tiffany & Co.: The Keys To My Heart

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When we think of keys, we typically associate them with a certain significance. Like how we use them to keep our most important items locked up, precious memories like letters from our first love, photographs we treasure, even trinkets that we all have great sentimental attachment to, with a key being the only way to unlock them.


With Tiffany & Co., the key symbolises that exact sentiment, one of great significance that can be used to celebrate milestones in our everyday lives. Coming of age, first job, first love, opening oneself to new beginnings and the world of possibilities, and one that starts with Tiffany’s emblematically enchanting Key.


A modern yet timeless collection of pendants in the shape of a key that was first introduced in 2008, Tiffany’s Key collection encompasses over 200 designs that include everything from fleur-de-lis to trefoil flowers and hearts, even keys inspired by actual vintage pieces. Available in a wide variety of metals from the humble (sterling silver) to precious (all manner of gold and platinum), some come as is, others come adorned with sparkling diamonds complete with the most detailed of metalwork.

Once you’ve chosen the Key (or keys, since some of them are sold in pairs), the next step in making it truly yours will be the addition of a necklace chain, which are sold separately. You can wear your Key short or long (there are 5 different lengths that range from 40 cm to 76 cm), but the best way to decide is to head down to a Tiffany & Co. boutique yourself and try on as many pieces as you like.

Wear them on their own, or just add on a new Key every time you achieve a new milestone in your life. Prices range from SGD265 to SGD42,800, depending on the design you pick, which just leaves one question. Which Key from Tiffany & Co. will be one that unlocks your heart?


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Montblanc introduces two new editions to its Heritage Rouge and Noir collection

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Montblanc is one label that we can blindly rely on when it comes to exclusive and top-notch writing instruments. The brand has unfailing delivered since its conception in 1906, and in fact it has only gotten better through painstaking research and a passion for its craft over the years. Back in the year 1909, the marquee mesmerized us all with the introduction of the “Rouge et Noir”, which was further improvised upon time and again up until 2016.

Again, this year, the brand’s much revered Heritage Rouge & Noir collection sees the addition of two delightful writing wonders, each unique in form and structure. Both novel editions carry the signature serpent coiling around the top that draw back to the elegant vintage look of the brand’s 1920s pen clip design. The first in the collection is the elegant Montblanc Heritage Rouge & Noir Tropic Brown Special Edition which offers a visual tribute to the 20’s era with the incorporation of the colors that were used by the Maison back then. It features a unique brown on the cap and the lacquered barrel that references the natural ageing under the sun and humidity of the tropics, a color effect also seen on the ageing organic black ebonite of early Montblanc pens.

Next we have the luxe Solitaire Serpent Limited Edition 1906 that comes along with a mix of traditional silverware craftsmanship alongside the use of champagne toned gold-coated fittings and a brushed platinum-coated surface. While the Solitaire Serpent is available in Fountain Pen and a Rollerball versions, the Tropic brown is available in an additional Ballpoint variant as well. Make your own pick, as either of the two novel Montblanc’s are set to make an equally brilliant add to your pen collection!

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