PurseForum Roundup – October 23


Chloe-Drew-BagIt’s that time again! Friday means a visit to the PurseForum to see what our members have been talking about (and buying) this week. We visited some of our favorite spots for today, including Celebrity New and Gossip and Handbags and Purses, and we also managed to find some fantastic (red) bags on our rounds. Thank you for coming along with us!

Sea-CaveIt’s been a pretty big week in our Celebrity subforums. The PurseForum is much more than purses, and our Celebrity subforums, including Celebrity News and Gossip and Celebrity Style, have been very busy. You may be tired of hearing about the Kardashians after the news of the last week, but a visit to their threads is always good for a laugh, as our members break down the latest news and their antics with plenty of humor.

If you follow celebrities more for their fashion than their comings and goings, you may want to check out our Can You I.D. subforum, where if you want to know what a celeb is wearing, you need only ask. (Our members still need help with Geri Halliwell’s jacket, by the way.)Our accompanying photo comes to us from Trulyadiva and General Discussion’s Random Picture Thread–what a gorgeous shot!

Saint-Laurent-Quilted-Crossbody-BagDo you agree that every woman should own a red bag? We certainly do. And, more to the point, do you have a red bag to share in our special thread? Pbmuffin certainly did, and she and her new Saint Laurent are in excellent company inHandBags and Purses, where bag-themed threads are always the order of the day. This thread probably should come with a warning, because you will likely add several bags to your wish list after your visit.

Brahmin Tote BagSoonergirl shared a very sharp bag in our Brahmin thread recently, and we thought you would like a peek. We know exotics are not for everyone, but if you want to see more from this great house, do drop in.

Metal-Heel-Suede-BootiesWe are still on a boots-and-booties kick, and this week we found these beauties in the Glass Slipper’s Stuart Weitzman thread. Belonging to deltalady, these Middle booties certainly would make a strong addition to any collection.

Aquazzura-Flats“If the shoe fits, buy them in every color.” Sounds like a good idea, right? We loveAquazzura, and our members do too. The Glass Slipper is where we all get to know about up and coming brands, lesser known brands and favorites of our fashionistas. You will find threads on Isabel MarantManolo and more, and best of all, ourmembers’ newest purchases!

Chloe-Baylee-and-Paraty-BagsInstant reveal? Deep red? Chloé! How could we resist a thread with all of that in the title? This week, aksayo shared these two beautiful bags with a very appreciative audience in Chloé, and we especially love the Baylee on the left.

Chloe-Drew-BagIt’s no secret that we love the Drew, and this one is a beauty. You will lovePinkPeonies’ thread; not only is it a wonderful share of her first Chloé, but it also includes a nice comparison of some of Chloé’s other offerings. We think Pink made the right choice–what about you?

Other reveals include Straight-Laced’s iron grey suede Hayleykcoach’s Marcie, and another scrumptious Hayley in navy leather from GemsBerry.

Chloe-Paraty-BagAt press time, we also found another red Paraty that deserves our attention, since we seem to be developing a red theme this week. Say hello to miraclebeibei’s brand new bag!

Gucci-Soho-Disco-BagSometimes the best reveals are in the non-brand purchases threads, where our members share the bags they bought while straying from their favorite designers. This week, in the the Rebecca Minkoff subforum, we found a sweet Gucci Soho from honeydewykins in the Post your Non-RM Purchases thread. There are plenty of other non-RM purchases to see, so be sure to stop by–perhaps you will get an idea for what your next bag will be.

Rebecca-Minkoff-Three-Zip-PouchFantome14 dazzled the crowd with this delicious purple zip bag in the Rebecca Minkoff October, November, and December purchases thread. This thread stays busy, so be sure to stop by often. You can also find plenty more RM bags in theWhich RM are you carrying today thread, which is a great way to get to know this popular brand.

That’s a wrap for us this week, Roundup readers. As always, we appreciate you spending some time with us. We hope you have a relaxing weekend and great week ahead. Be sure to join us right ther next week for more bags and conversations from the PurseForum!

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H&M Embraces Black for The Winter 2015 Collection


The warm weather hasn’t all disappeared yet, but the chill is in the air, and H&M has us excited about the cold weather. Australian beauty Catherine McNeil was cast by the apparel brand, and was the perfect choice to portray the new clothes included in theH&M winter 2015-2016 collection.

H&M Winter 2015-2016 Lookbook

As was to be expected, fur is on the line for the brand, as well as a wide range of silhouettes. The target woman for this collection reaches a wide range of possible customers. Some looks bring a clear sense of femininity to the collection, while others level it out with some androgyny. Overall, the H&M winter 2015-2016 collection is geared more toward the feminine crowd, but the balance gives the line some diversity.

McNeil has an intriguing beauty. She has the facial structure to pull off a masculine style, but has an overall feminine charm, making her the perfect model for this lookbook. She can take those androgynous twists and bring them to a whole new level of aesthetic appeal. The clothes are unique and interesting on their own, but McNeil brings them to life. The campaign also used McNeil’s tattoo in a seductive peek-a-boo display, giving the shots a bit of the H&M edge.

The easiest thing to see about the collection is the color – or lack thereof. Apart from one exceptional maxi dress featuring colorful butterflies, the whole collection is black. The different fabrics and textures make it so the color isn’t boring, and the monochromatic palette will be appealing to a wider variety of customers.

The androgyny came in the form of structure and sleeves, creating a less-feminine take than there otherwise would have been. The maxi dresses on the other hand embraced the femininity. All of the looks in the line are perfect for the time of fall that’s not quite cold, but leading up to winter’s biting chill. But the looks also move a step ahead of that and can be further layered to be worn in winter or worn with less layers for spring/summer. Much in the style of apparel companies, H&M knows the importance of garments translating between seasons. Of course, the brand is bound to come out with to-die-for trends and looks that will make customers forget about the looks they first bought in the first place.

Basic pieces with a fashionable twist are the basis for the H&M winter 2015-2016 collection, and are all variations of pieces women have or should have in their closets. A cozy (in this case fur) coat, a maxi dress, and a sleek tuxedo pant and jacket make up the staples in the collection, with some room for the simply fun and flirty dresses added as well.

H&M has us all prepared for the winter months, with trendy apparel sure to help any woman stand out. If something is on-trend for the upcoming season, you can be sure to find it in H&M’s new collection, and this season’s campaign was not an exception.

H&M Winter 2015-2016 Lookbook

Tag: Photos courtesy of H&M

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Victoria’s Secret Halloween 2015 Lookbook Featuring Elsa Hosk


Besides the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, one the most awaited milestones of the year is Victoria’s Secret Halloween lookbook, which this year features one of thebrand’s newest Angels – Elsa Hosk. The 26-year-old Swedish model officially became one of Victoria’s Secret Angels this April, following the brand’s announcement of its newest Angels’ lineup. Elsa Hosk, who seems to particularly enjoy her brand new role as one of the most admired models in the fashion industry, has previously made a name for herself as one of the brand’s younger brand ambassadors, PINK, where she proudly showed her toned body and explosive charisma.

Victoria's Secret Halloween 2015 Lookbook Featuring Elsa Hosk

Although Halloween is only two weeks away, those who take this holiday seriously know two weeks are not that great amount of time, when you have to buy or create a costume out of nothing. However, if you currently lack ideas, Victoria’s Secret has something for you to help get into the Halloween spirit, and it features some sultry costumes that are great both for a risqué party and your bedroom.

As you may imagine, since we are about to present the Victoria’s Secret Halloween 2015 lookbook, its costumes show more bare skin than what the average Halloween costumes offer, and are basically meant to seduce, which someone may rightly consider not the most appropriate thing to do during a Halloween party. However, these costumes are all-year-round great ideas and are meant to be worn at any time in your bedroom. Not for nothing, there’s also a Santa Claus sexy costume, which features a lot of ruffles and lace appliqués.

The collection features seven different looks, which are all able to mix any woman’s sexy mood with her more childish inner self, who definitely loves to play and dare at the same times. This time around, Victoria’s Secret opted for five (un)conventional Halloween costumes, which include a Sexy Ice Angel costume with white embroidered bustier and lace gown that looks ultimately ethereal in comparison with the other looks; a Sexy Catwoman costume with a cat-ear headband included; the lovely Santa Claus costume and the Sexy Devil costume, the audacity of which equals the collection’s latest creation, namely the Sexy French Maid costume. Besides the costumes, this lookbook features some funny lace-waist panties and a tangled bodysuit, which has probably been made by Spiderman himself.

All the costumes work as curve-hugging lingerie pieces with sleek fabrics that have been adorned with delicate lace and sparkling embellishments, often interrupted by black bows, buttons and symmetrical cut-outs (which also help the silhouette look more slender). Each line is specifically made to enhance the woman’s body, wherever it is a curvy type of figure or a thinner one.

As for the prices of the collection, these costumes retail for price tags ranging from more than 100$ to less than 90$, and are totally in line with Victoria’s Secret usual prices. Although many of you may not be enthusiasts about Victoria’s Secret way of rocking Halloween, its undeniable sensual energy, channeled by Elsa Hosk, is almost addictive.

Victoria's Secret Halloween 2015 Lookbook Featuring Elsa Hosk

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H&M Launches a Capsule Collection by Ximon Lee In October


Ximon Lee has been awarded the H&M design award for his androgynous apparel and his prospect as a designer. Ximon was the first menswear designer to receive this award in 2015, and this marks his second consecutive H&M design award recognition. If you like his quirky designs, you’ll be happy to get a piece from the Ximon Lee for H&M 2015 capsule collection that’s to get launched later in October.

Ximon Lee for H&M 2015 Lookbook

Ximon offers a fresh, new perspective as a designer, since he so recently graduated from Parson’s in 2014. In his time with H&M, the designer has shown his eye for unique silhouettes. As a proclaimed menswear designer, Ximon Lee has already shown that he can create a new bridge between men’s and women’s fashion. Since androgyny is already huge on the 2016 runway, there is no surprise H&M would create a line to celebrate it. In doing so, Ximon was given the perfect outlet to showcase his creative talent, while also playing to his strengths in menswear.

There’s no doubt the choice of this designer as the recipient of H&M’s reward was thought out and well-established. He has proved that his voice is strong enough to be heard in the fashion industry, and we know we’ll soon be seeing his looks on the streets, on men and women alike.

October 22nd marks the release date for the young designer’s eight-piece unisex collection. While many “androgynous” clothing lines tend to lean to one gender or the other (either showing masculine pieces with feminine aspects, or vice versa), Ximon has achieved a level of balance many designers haven’t quite been able to reach yet.

That is how the H&M award was given so precisely. With the goal of choosing a lesser-known designer who displays clear direction in his or her own fashion aesthetic, the brand’s choice was clear. Ximon is a young, new designer who has a head full of ideas and the technique to bring them to life.

In the past, he has demonstrated his talent when working with exaggerated shapes. He uses a variety of techniques to achieve these unique shapes, such as manipulating the volume or layering oversized garments on top of one another, and all while making sure not to lose the form of the garments. Working with oversized clothing can prove challenging, because as the garments become larger and larger than the model’s frame, it is difficult to maintain a coherent shape.

Ximon Lee for H&M 2015 Lookbook

But Ximon Lee has clearly pulled it off in his past work, and H&M has recognized him for his accomplishments. It takes a cool-headed designer to create something so structured yet laidback for a person of any gender, so Ximon has earned his prestige.

There is a clear market in the fashion industry today for his abstract way of thinking. It’s uncommon to see a designer who identifies as a menswear designer to delve into androgyny on such a balanced level, because it is a trend most often seen in the middle of a feminine-dominated runway show.

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Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Paris Fashion Week


Skulls, angel wings, wolves, butterflies and goodness knows what else Zadig & Voltaire’s creative director Cecilia Bonstrom would contrive to add to their rock ’n’ roll inspired cutting edge garments that could so masterfully synthesize casualness and luxury to bring about a brand new “casual luxury” style that was soon to become the best-loved pieces of many young ladies. The creative director of the French fashion house has recently presented the Zadig & Voltaire spring/summer 2016 collection that again feels pretty feminine and masculine at the same time, the exact pieces to slip into as you get out of bed and head to run your everyday errands.

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Several seasons in a row Cecilia Bonstrom has been zealously playing with vivid colors, trying to marry the brand’s signature black, white and brown colors with racy shades of yellow, blue and pink. Frankly speaking, we were quite contended to see our favorite brand being showered by a colorful rain. However, to all appearances the gothic colors proved to be uncompromising and the new Zadig & Voltaire spring 2016 collection features only one particular saturated color – a brink pink pantsuit with tiny star-like motifs on it. The rest of the separates are purely and in toto Zadig & Voltaire.

Over and over again we are in anticipation to feel those natural and cushy cashmere, leather, cotton and washed silk on our bodies. White cotton shirts with puffed sleeves and the same material baby doll dresses look ideal when paired with the brand’s signature fringed brown leather jackets or brown casual blazers. One of the white shirts paired with leopard leggings could have caught many leopard-python-fancier girls’ attention if not Cecilia’s fresh new offering to cast aside those slinky leggings and pay attention to those scandalous brown-white leather panty-style shorts with shoulder straps and crisscross laces that are being twins with the same texture ankle boots.

These new style boots with tiny square heels are really effective complements to the brand’s whole bunch of biker boots. Some military vibes are wondering through Zadig & Voltaire’s rock ’n’ roll style getting in shape through a camo print boxer jacket or an olive green one tied nonchalantly at the model’s waist over a brown handkerchief dress. Denim pieces are in full swing with tattered hems and unique embroideries on them.

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The brown leather dungarees and the lovely ice-cream patches used on the denim pieces forcefully bring back childish memories featuring one of the most typical samples of urban life, and if there is the sun burning, your head is sure to be protected and styled with those fedora, derby hats and Gavroche caps that our favorite Zadig & Voltaire is proposing to us. Round-shaped clutches with multiple fringes cascading down, especially the vermillion one could become a part of this season’s must-haves despite being too micro to lodge anything essential. Last but not least, for spring Zadig & Voltaire has a fruitful message to you – keep peace, love and let your angel wings grow freely!

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Zadig & Voltaire Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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The Hottest Celebrity Trend To Wear Now – Denim on Denim


Celebrities have been spotted in the denim on denim trend lately from model off-duty looks onKendall Jenner, to an effortless errands look on Dakota Fanning. For the ultimate upgrade to the Canadian tuxedo, Wild Blue Denim has covered all the hottest trends for FW15 with options to find your own contemporary denim look.

Wild Blue Denim launches in rue21 stores+online in November at the low price point of $29.99 for denim with transformational ‘power stretch’ technology for comfortability, and ‘bum booster’ effect for form enhancing wear.

Dakota Fanning and Gabrielle in union denim skirt + denim top Wild Blue Denim

Dakota Fanning and Gabrielle Union both rock the denim skirt + denim top look in their unique ways. Wild Blue’s variety of denim skirts + denim tops replicates the look to perfectly accentuate your unique style.

See also the stunning look of Sadie Robertson for Wild Blue Denim’s Latest Lookbook.

Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner sport an off-duty sexy casual look wearing Wild Blue Denim

Kate Hudson and Kendall Jenner both sport an off-duty contemporary Canadian tuxedo look while out-and-about. Wild Blue’s denim top + variety of slim fitting pants help you get the look exactly right.

The brand has collaborated with reality TV star Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty and Dancing With The Stars) for their exclusive Holiday 2015 & SS16 collections as well, and the young star says that denim is just her style, favoriting the high-waisted styles.

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