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There is no definite answer which applies to all casinos, but there are general guidelines. Depending casino’s location, you might have to make certain preparations before you visit the casino. Of course, if you’re a high roller, then there are few extra things you should know about.

Another peculiar fact is that dress code guidelines vary greatly. From the wild Las Vegas casinos, to New Jersey’s licensed casinos, across Monte Carlo’s lavish gambling destinations, all the way to Macau’s latest luxurious casino resorts, you should be prepared if you don’t want to get the “reservations only” treatment.


There isn’t a James Bond movie without a back high roller room and a game of Baccarat. Yes, it’s not poker, Baccarat is his favorite game. James Bond dresses to impress, regardless of the occasion, yet he’s not overdoing it, and neither should you. However, when it comes to places where a dress code is in place, there’s not much anybody can do. Not even James Bond. It’s just by accident that’s he’s classy.

However, if you want access to the high roller rooms, well, then you have to be dressed like James Bond, or a Bond girl.

But first, let’s take a look at what casinos demand for common folks that like the thrill of gambling.


The standards differ greatly, but the biggest differences are between US and EU casinos. Las Vegas is the capital of gambling in the US, and by many, it’s the world’s capital for casino goers. The Sin City’s purpose is to provide its visitors memories of a lifetime. Regardless of how experienced you are in casino games, you will remember those wild nights, not just because of all the gambling, but because of the shows, the booze and the bonds that will be created. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


For starters, the majority of Las Vegas casinos does not have any strict dress code, but guests need to be dressed decently, ergo no nudity. It’s common to see folks walking the floor in flip flops, especially if it’s a casino & hotel resort we’re talking about. Nevertheless, make sure you have a shirt or a T-shirt at the very least. You can also see visitors in bath robes, although extremely rare. Nobody cares what you’re wearing, as long as there aren’t any complaints from others guests.

It isn’t called Sin City for nothing. It’s highly unlikely that you will get married in Las Vegas if you’re sharp-dressed as if you’re walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

In short, Las Vegas Casinos do not have any dress code which you should follow. If you like to wear something classy, go for it! You will certainly impress the averagely dressed guy across the bar. You like to wear something casual? Do it!


Although there are casinos all over Europe, in more than 95% of the countries, the ultimate gambling center is in Monte Carlo, and those casinos are a totally different thing. Regardless, EU casinos come with a dress code, especially the classy casinos. We’re not talking about the back alley casino which only the regulars know about. We’re talking about the big time 5 star casinos.

Not only these casinos mandate dress codes, but some of them charge an entrance fee, regardless who you are, how much money you’re going to spend, etc. Members are subject to different policies. Some casinos won’t let you inside if you’re wearing jeans, others require a jacket. Although there are a few, certain parts of the casino might be available to people who are wearing suits only.

Now, if you don’t want to be overdressed, we all know that’s not a thing, black jeans with shoes, and a blazer will do just fine. You can enter all casinos, no questions asked. As for the ladies, they have it easy. Casino owners are aware that sex sells, regardless of where it comes from. As long as you’re not walking around naked, you’ll get the green light.


Macau, although small, it’s very important because that’s the center for Asia’s rich and famous, and frequent casino goers. Gambling is legal in that tiny space, which is why some of the best and most luxurious hotels can be found there.

They have a similar policy as far as dressing goes like Europeans. However, it’s recommended that you don’t go over the top with alcohol. These folks still have strong traditional values, and nobody will tolerate disrespectful behavior, no matter who you are.

Cameras, laptops and other similar gadgets are not allowed inside. Do not worry, you can take your smartphone with you, but DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF ANYONE INSIDE, or you might get yourself in trouble.


Frequent casino goers that have access to the VIP lounge, or are members of the casino have unrestricted access. However, even they stick to the dress code. Nobody likes to be the black sheep wearing flip flops, or a tracksuit with a funny hat. These guys do dress and act like James Bond to some extent. Executives, rich children, business people of all kinds, celebrities, this is where you can meet them.

5 star casinos have strict policy when it comes to this particular clientele. They get what they want and they get it immediately. Everybody from the hostess to the barman, the room service, even the host that might be accompanying them is dressed classy.

People who enter the high roller rooms do not have to be told they should wear a blazer, or a tux, or a suit, it’s expected that they will be dressed appropriately. In case you get the chance to walk the halls of this area, make sure you’re dressed nicely. Otherwise, you will never get the chance to get even near to the doors.


Although not related to dress code in particular, here are a few fun facts about casinos and certain accessories which are banned, not everywhere, but still, they might put into question.

• Sunglasses are banned in certain casinos as a precautionary measure against cheating

• Sunglasses are also banned with a purpose to make it easier for the staff to notice customers who are high, and therefore should be removed from the floor. Casinos that have a strict policy on drugs are adamant about this. You also just look stupid wearing shades inside.

• Google Glass is banned almost everywhere!

• Casinos discourage clocks and windows near the gaming area.

• Cameras are strictly forbidden in some casinos. Taking a photo of another guest will definitely get you out of the casino. You might end up in big trouble, depending on who you’re taking the photo of.

• Check the chair before you sit. Addicted gamblers are known to urinate on the chair. They don’t want to lose any time, as they might miss their chance.

• That thing the dealers do, showing their palms upwards, or the clap or when they “dust” their hands, it’s not because of you. This is their way of saying to the casino owner that they’re not stealing chips.

In the end, you can get in anywhere as long as you look decent, and you show some manners. If you’re intoxicated, don’t even try your chances. Casinos want you to play, to gamble!

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