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Coach Turnlock Saddle in Glovetanned Leather $247.50 (previously $495)
Coach ‘Turnlock’ Saddle in Glovetanned Leather $247.50 (previously $495)
Channel the 70’s in a leather bag featuring the iconic turnlock detail with a brass chain strap.

Get ready to kick off the New Year in style with Coach’s winter 2018 sale. The American fashion brand offers major discounts with prices slashed at up to 50% off. From its signature bags to moto jackets and leather boots, there’s so many options. Discover some of our favorites from the winter sale below, and shop more at

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Coach Shearling Lumber Jacket $950 (previously $1900)
Coach Shearling ‘Lumber’ Jacket $950 (previously $1900)
Made from 100% merino sheepskin, this jacket will keep you warm while looking cool.
Coach Ombre Heel Boot $247.50 (previously $495)
Coach Ombre Heel Boot $247.50 (previously $495)
Crafted from smooth suede, a knee-high boot features a chic ombre block-heel.
Coach Mercer Satchel 24 with Star Rivets $197.50 (previously $395)
Coach ‘Mercer’ Satchel 24 with Star Rivets $197.50 (previously $395)
This bag comes in a metallic grain leather embellished with stars, rivets and studs.
Coach Moto Jacket in Powder Pink $625 (previously $1250)
Coach Moto Jacket in Powder Pink $625 (previously $1250)
Channel biker vibes in a moto jacket crafted from pink leather with a playful charm at the chest.

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The Large Multifunctional Wallet is the signature wallet of Celine. There are multiple variations created in the past, for example; the Large Multifunction Flap Wallet, the Diagonal Multifunction Large Flap Wallet and the Strap Large Multifunction Wallet.

For the Spring 2018 Collection, there is a very attractive version designed. It’s called the Celine Symmetrical Large Multifunction Wallet and we’d like to call this: the ‘minimalistic with a twist’.

The Design

The Symmetrical Large Multifunction Wallet is clean, streamlined, beautiful, curved and flexible. It fits perfectly into the tradition of this brand, which is minimalism. However, the innocent stripe that cuts right in the center is adding a very captivating twist. It creates a fine line between the left and the right and two symmetrical parts, which also explains its name.

But that’s Celine, it starts with drafting a wallet as simple as possible, then it works from there to find a small twist to add. This tiny little twist will change the overall look of the accessory, just like this center cut.

And even the logo is printed in two parts; the left bottom it reads: ‘Celine Paris’ and the right part it reads: ‘Made In Italy’.

What’s more? This stunning flap wallet is made from calfskin and the most beautiful part about it is not the exterior but the interior.

The Interior


There is a reason why this beauty is named: ‘multifunction’. The interior is packed with multiple pockets to help you organize your daily necessities. You only need one wallet and the Symmetrical Large Wallet provides all the things you need.

Open the wallet with snap buttons. Inside you will find one pocket with gusset, one zipped pocket, two flat pockets and eight credit card slots.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 8’ x 4’ inches, priced at $810 USD, €550 EUR, £510 GBP, $1050 SGD, $6300 HKD, $1000 AUD, ¥88000 JPY, ¥5900 CNY via Celine boutiques.

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Photo: Free People
Photo: Free People

We all have friends who tend to do things a little off the beaten path. These are the free spirits who see the world a little bit differently than everybody else and tend to shun tradition in favor of following their passion and interest wherever it may take them. These are also the kinds of friends who might decide when they’ve found their significant other, that they’d prefer a destination wedding over the traditional method of a church or official ceremony followed by a reception.

While the idea of a destination wedding may seem exciting at first, it also brings into the equation of what you’re going to wear as a guest. For guys, this is generally an easier thing to handle, as it’s often just a matter of switching from a formal suit to the kind of casual wear that they tend to wear just about every day anyway. But for the ladies, it can be a bit of a stress. Not only do you need to dress properly according to the location of the wedding and the particulars of the theme, if there is one, but you also want to look good and be comfortable while doing it. Otherwise, a destination wedding can turn into one you’d like to forget.

If ever you need flower delivery for a special occasion such as a wedding, make sure to find a reliable business with great selection and affordable prices. Once you have that out of the way, you can try to hone in on these three factors that will help you decide what to wear on a destination wedding.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels


This one will come into play much more than it would if you were deciding whether or not you’re going to wear the high heels from the church through the reception or if you’re going to be bringing a comfier pair of shoes along for dancing. Destination weddings can occur practically anywhere, from the top of a ski slope to the middle of the ocean. At some point, style might have to sacrifice for comfort on those occasions, and the bride and groom, who put you in this situation, will certainly understand,


A destination wedding can put you practically any place on the globe. That means that the first step towards choosing your outfit might be a matter of checking the weather report. You might have that sleeveless number that you’ve been waiting to spring on the world with just the right occasion, but a wedding on a frozen lake is certainly not the place to do it.

Photo: Anthropolgie
Photo: Anthropolgie


You’ll have to know your friends well to decide just how to dress for a destination wedding. Obviously, there will be some implication that such a wedding will be more casual in nature than a formal affair in a church. But you also don’t want to err and go too casual when there is some sort of concession being made to such a traditional event. Talk to the participants first to get a feel for what they’ll expect from guests.

A wedding should be a happy, fun occasion. Don’t let an unorthodox location spoil the enjoyment you’ll take from that occasion as a guest just because you’re not sure what to wear.

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Stella Maxwell looks fabulous in fringe on the January 2018 cover of Vogue Thailand. Lensed by Yu Tsai, the blonde beauty wears a look from Dior’s resort collection with Lucchese boots and a Gladys Tamez hat. Inside the magazine, Stella poses in western glam fashions. Stylist Deborah Afshanimakes sure the Victoria’s Secret Angel shines in the designs of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior and more.

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It’s always exciting to meet a new handbag. For the Cruise 2018 Collection, Chanel crafted the Coco Pleats Clutch Bag. The design is fresh and different, but don’t get confused with another handbag that holds the same name – the Quilted Chanel Coco Pleats Bag.

The Design


No diamond quilting or chevron quilting, just cut-out pieces of long leathers stitched together creating a horizontal, vertical and diagonal contrast. The overall design is inspired by Ancient Greek, and the leather choice for the Coco Pleats Bag is Pleated Crumpled Calfskin.

The Crumpled Calfskin was first-introduced on the So Black Classic Flap Bag. It’s also embellished on the Chevron Boy Wallet. This leather looks perfect on vintage handbags.

But anyways, this clutch bag is light-weighed and can be easily carried by hand. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap. But see this handbag as an alternative to the Chanel O Case.


The center features the signature CC logo, which stands-out like a queen. It’s smoothly crafted in gold hardware.

The Interior

This clutch bag is thin just like the O Case. You will not be able to store a lot of stuff inside, but only your evening essentials. This clutch bag is ideal to match with one of your evening dresses.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Coco Pleats Clutch 
Style code: A91762
Size: 7.5 x 11.4 x 0.8 inches
Price: $4200 USD, €4100 euro, £3800 GBP, $6890 SGD, $35700 HKD, ¥545400 JPY, 21650 MYR, $5700 CAD

Chanel Medium Coco Pleats Clutch
Style code: A91761
Size: 9.4 x 14.2 x 0.8 inches
Price: $4500 USD, €4450 euro, £4130 GBP, $7480 SGD, $38800 HKD, ¥591840 JPY, 23500 MYR, $6200 CAD

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Jimmy Choo Lockett Petite Bag ($2,275) and Micky 85 Pumps ($795)
Jimmy Choo ‘Lockett Petite’ Bag ($2,275) and ‘Micky 85’ Pumps ($795)
Anja Rubik turns up the glam factor in ballet pink styles from Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo celebrates New York apartment life with the launch of its spring-summer 2018 campaign. Photographed by Craig McDean, model Anja Rubik turns up the glam factor while posing against mirrored surfaces. The Polish beauty wears sleek styles ranging from the ‘Micky’ pumps to the ‘Shar’ booties and ‘Lane’ sandals. Discover more from the spring campaign below as well as a short film.

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Jimmy Choo Lockett Mini Bag ($1,295) and Shar 85 Booties ($1,250)
Jimmy Choo ‘Lockett Mini’ Bag ($1,295) and ‘Shar 85’ Booties ($1,250)
The spring season focuses on neutral hues with open-toed heels and a petite bag.
Jimmy Choo Lane 85 Sandals ($695) and Lockett Mini with Tassels ($1,650)
Jimmy Choo ‘Lane 85’ Sandals ($695) and ‘Lockett Mini’ Bag with Tassels ($1,650)
Rock black on black with leather sandals and a suede bag.
Anja Rubik stars in Jimmy Choo's spring-summer 2018 campaign
Anja Rubik stars in Jimmy Choo’s spring-summer 2018 campaign
Jimmy Choo taps Anja Rubik for spring-summer 2018 eyewear campaign
Jimmy Choo taps Anja Rubik for spring-summer 2018 eyewear campaign

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