Balenciaga zeigt erste Menswear-Show


Als Nachfolger von Alexander Wang führt Demna Gvasalia Neuerungen bei Balenciaga ein. So verkündete das Label jetzt, erstmals eine Menswear Runway-Show zeigen zu wollen


Zum ersten Mal wird Balenciaga eine Menswear-Kollektion auf dem Laufsteg präsentieren. Bisher zeigte das französische Traditionshaus seine Herrenmode nicht auf dem Runway, sondern nur nach Vereinbarung und dann in kleinem Rahmen als Präsentation an stehenden Models. Zur Pariser Menswear-Modewoche diesen Sommer wird sich das ändern. Wie das Label am Donnerstag verkündete, plant Kreativdirektor Demna Gvasalia, eine Menswear-Kollektion auf dem Laufsteg zu präsentieren – eine Neuheit in der Geschichte des 1937 von Cristóbal Balenciaga gegründeten Modehauses.

"Die Show wird die maskuline Vision von Balenciagas neuem Artistic Director Demna Gvasalia debütieren", hieß es im offiziellen Statement des Labels. Der 34-jährige Deutsche mit georgischen Wurzeln übernahm im Oktober 2015 die Nachfolge von Creative Director Alexander Wang, der Balenciaga nach nur drei Jahren wieder verlassen hatte, unter anderem um sich auf sein eigenes Label zu konzentrieren.

Zuvor hatte sich Gvasalia als Gründer des französischen Designer-Kollektivs Vetements einen Namen gemacht. Im März dieses Jahres zeigte er seine erste Damenkollektion für Balenciaga. Wie sein Vorgänger führt auch Gvasalia das französische Haute Couture Label in eine moderne, von edgy Streetwear-Ästhetik beeinflusste Richtung.

Die Menswear Collection, die Demna Gvasalia anlässlich der Spring/Summer Saison 2017 für Balenciaga entworfen hat, wird ihre Premiere am 22. Juni auf der Paris Fashion Week für Menswear feiern.

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Victoria's Secret swim launch with Behati Prinsloo. Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

These are the stories making headlines in fashion this Friday.

Victoria's Secret will no longer be in the swim business
Victoria's Secret, which has its own dedicated televised "swim specials," will no longer be in the swim business. Two unnamed sources close to the situation revealed to Buzzfeed News that Victoria's Secret "will be exiting out of all current [swim] inventory by the end of this year." In August of 2015, the company reported low sales for swimwear, which it attributed to its designs. {BuzzFeed}

Reformation adds RefScale upgrade
Last year, Reformation launched its Refscale — an environmental footprint tracking tool that showed the amount of energy used in creating a garment, alongside industry averages for similar items. And in celebration of Earth Day, Reformation has launched a Refscale dashboard for individual accounts that allows shoppers to see their total environmental impact. {Fashionistainbox}

Anwar Hadid lands a Paper editorial
You might not believe it due to his staggering Instagram following, but the Youngest Hadid, 16-year-old Anwar, isn't exactly an extrovert. "I'm a shy person in general... My sisters always try to tell me to be myself when I'm on a set," he said. When asked whether he's interested in attending college, Hadid mentioned that he'd like to — eventually. "I want to do that when everything else that I've wanted to accomplish is accomplished." {Paper}

Chanel fine jewelry opens a boutique at Bergdorf Goodman
Chanel will unveil its fine jewelry boutique at Bergdorf Goodman today. The space was designed by New York-based architect Peter Marino, and will be located adjacent to the jewelry salon on the main floor. For a limited time, the boutique will carry "Les Perles de Chanel" and the "Les Icônes de Chanel" collection. {Fashionista inbox}

Fenty fur slides available online
Rihanna's faux-fur slides for Puma went for sale this morning for $80 on Puma in white, black and pink. Bad news for anyone hoping to get their hands on a pair, though — they're already sold out. {WWD}

Zac Posen on red carpet dressing, Brooks Brothers and diversity on the runways
In the past couple of seasons, Zac Posen has been featuring more daytime looks, as opposed to red carpet gowns (though, there are plenty of those in there, too), which he credits to Brooks Brothers. Said Posen, "[Working for Brooks Brothers] actually helped us build out our brand in our own company [House of Z]. You can also see the influence in my reintroduction of day wear and my use of cotton and gabardine in my [Zac Posen] collections." {Fast Company} 

Look Good Feel Better auction
Look Good Feel Better, a charity that helps women with cancer deal with appearance-related side effects, is holding an auction running through May 4. Fashion-related packages include: tickets to Glamour's "Women of the Year" Awards, a tour of Cosmopolitan, a tour of Teen Vogue and a one-month marketing internship with Dior Beauty. {CharityBuzz}

Salvatore Ferragamo's CEO to exit company by end of 2016
CEO Michele Nora will step down from his role at Salvatore Ferragamo "to prioritize family and to focus on new professional interests." Nora joined the company back in 2006, and helped the company go public. He will step down from his role after a successor is named. {WWD}

AUrate New York opens its first brick-and-mortar store
Jewelry brand AUrate New York, which first launched as an e-tailer, has opened its appointment-only showroom (open to the public) located at 92 W. Houston St in Soho. Interested? You can make appointments to shop/browse here. {Fashionista inbox}

Jourdan Dunn to release a cookbook
Jourdan Dunn, who's previously hosted her own cooking show called "Well Dunn," revealed that she'll be releasing her own cookbook featuring some of her favorite recipes. Given that this is Dunn we're talking about, we're already very much into it. {Vogue UK}


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How To Tell A Celine Knockoff Bag By Looking At Just One Photo


I took a look at the Celine bags sold on eBay right now and I have to say I’ve come across a huge number of replicas! I don’t want to discourage you, I just want to make it easier for you to spot them.

Celine Knockoff Bag Sold on eBay – Signs

The most upsetting thing about this is that some of the Celine replica bags sold here look worse than your regular Celine bag replica but they’re 2 or 3 times more expensive. Paying $800 or less for a Celine bag may sound like an exciting thought, but don’t be quick to buy it if you want don’t to realize it was actually a Celine knockoff bag when it’s already too late.

I tried to make my how to tell if Celine bag is authentic guides as detailed as I could. But I know that some of you still feel insecure even after checking the guides. But in that case the price should get you thinking. It’s unlikely for a real Celine bag to be sold for less than $1,000 even if it’s used. The only exception is if the bag is very old or heavily used. So the price should be a telltale sign as well.

You should also take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of photos of Celine bags online given their popularity. Look for that specific model you’re interested in and see if you can find a photo on any site. If you can find only photos of replica bags online, then chances are that specific bag never existed in authentic version. Here’s an example:

Invented Celine Nano Luggage Knockoff

Celine Nano Luggage Knockoff – Authentic Version Doesn’t Exist

Most importantly, if you don’t want to buy a Celine knockoff bag, make sure you check all the details I told you about. I thought it would be interesting to show you that some replica Celine bags can actually be spotted as faked by looking and just one photo. Disclaimer: all the photos you’ll find in this post were taken from eBay. So you can only imagine just how many Celine knockoff bags are there! I know, it’s scary!

And do you know what is the saddest part about this? Most of these sellers have 100% positive feedback. This means that the feedback is either fake or that the people they’ve previously tricked weren’t able to tell they bought a Celine knockoff bag.

If all replica bags online were advertised as such, everything would be so much easier. But unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, so you either learn to protect yourself or expose yourself to scammers. So here are some of the most common flaws a Celine knockoff bag will have. This should make it easier for you to tell fakes when you see them.

Sometimes it’s the logo, other times it’s the lining, the shape of the handle holders or even the base studs. And other times it’s all these combined if it’s a really bad replica. Just don’t get carried away by the fact that one of these is how it should, check the rest too. For example, a replica Celine bag can have a perfect logo stamp but maybe the bottom studs are crooked. You get the point.

Replica Celine Mini Luggage eBay Scam

Replica Celine Mini Luggage sold on eBay

Replica Celine Mini Luggage Lining Giveaway

Replica Celine Mini Luggage Lining Is Wrong

Simple rule about the lining: a Celine Mini Luggage bag in smooth leather will always have smooth leather lining. For me it was enough to look at the photo above to tell it was a Celine knockoff bag. But then you can also notice that the stamp is smudgy or that the zipper pull is too wide and rounded. This bag is being sold for $850.00.

Celine Knockoff Bag listed on eBay

Celine Knockoff Bag found on eBay

Now look at this other Celine knockoff bag. Just because it has a tag, it doesn’t mean it’s authentic. On the contrary, just by looking at this picture you can see that the front stamp is wrong and that the front pocket stitching is too rounded. The bottom edges of the pocket stitching should be just a bit curved, not this rounded. This is being sold for $799.00.

Replica Celine Phantom Bag eBay Scam

Replica Celine Phantom Bag found on eBay

I honestly couldn’t believe this one: this fake Celine Phantom bag is being sold for no less than $1,699! Can you believe that? This has to be one of the worst fake Celine bags I’ve ever seen on eBay! This Celine knockoff bag should cost like $100 tops and someone actually has the nerve to ask this kind of money for it! I’m in shock. If you’re still wondering what is wrong with this bag, the answer is everything. Oh my god, these people are just the worst.

And here’s yet another Celine Phantom knockoff. This one is being sold for $960.00:

Celine Phantom Knockoff eBay Scam

Celine Phantom Knockoff found on eBay

Celine Phantom Knockoff Front Logo

Celine Phantom Knockoff Front Close-up

Celine Phantom Knockoff Inside Pocket

Celine Phantom Knockoff Interior Stamp Is Wrong

I have to admit that it’s not always easy for me to spot a Celine bag replica either. And this is because some of them are really well-made. But there’s usually something that gives a Celine knockoff bag away and the only way to spot that something is to see many detailed pictures of the bag. And here is a good example:

Fake Celine Phantom Bag Bordeaux listed on eBay

Fake Celine Phantom Bag Bordeaux found on eBay

Fake Celine Phantom Serial Number Telltale

Fake Celine Phantom – Serial Number Format Is Wrong

This Celine Phantom looks really good. At first sight it’s really hard to believe this is actually a Celine knockoff bag. But then look at the serial number. This is not the correct Celine bag serial number format. It should be like this: one letter-two letters-four numbers. A tricky one!

Now here are other telltale signs of fake Celine bags found on eBay. You can find the explanation in the photo caption:

Fake Celine Mini Luggage Base Studs

Fake Celine Mini Luggage Studs Are Crooked

Fake Celine Micro Luggage eBay

Fake Celine Micro Luggage – Shape of the Handle Holders and Stitching

Fake Celine Mini Luggage Front Logo

Fake Celine Mini Luggage Stamp Is Blurry and Sloppy

As I’ve said before, if you feel like a seller is reluctant to send more photos, stay away. Sellers have different types of excuses to explain why they don’t have the receipt, the original tags or the box. While this may actually be true for some of them, you need to know scammers use these frequently as well.

I have to say these were just a few examples to prove my point. You can find them all on eBay if you want to take a better look. Again, it’s appalling to see just how many replicas are being sold on sites that are supposed to sell authentic bags but there’s not much you can do about it.

If you thought about buying any of these replica Celine bags, beware! If you need more info, let me know!


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11 Women and an Illustrator on Personal Style



The really interesting thing about personal style is what it says once you’ve extricated the person saying it from the equation and left someone else to explain it on their behalf.

For this story, we worked with Izak Zenou — a New York-based illustrator known for his eye for stylish women and his collaborations with Henri Bendel, Céline, Guerlain and Sephora — to draw ten random women he spotted in SoHo and then have them expound upon why they wear what they do. The result was an interesting alignment between Zenou’s eye and the subjects’ own impressions of themselves that perhaps turns the singleness of personal style on its head and begs a much more compelling question: how good are we really at projecting who we are?

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High fashion: Can cannabis culture ever be luxe?


Sorry, DHL t-shirt, there’s a new exorbitantly-priced Vetements tee making waves. The shirt in question features the rapper Snoop Dogg, and retails for $924 at SVMoscow. Eagle-eyed fans of obscure rap ephemera recognise the image as originally appearing on promotional merchandise for the artist in 1993. In addition to a long string of hits and ushering in the G-funk era of hip-hop music, Snoop Dogg is probably known for another thing: his career-long association with marijuana.

In the United States, recreational use of cannabis has been legalised in Oregon, Colorado, Washington state, Alaska, and Washington D.C. Some 20 more states have legalised the use of medical marijuana. In states like Colorado, some dispensaries are attempting to give cannabis culture a facelift.

Stereotypically associated with burnouts, hippies, and smoke-filled hip-hop music videos, self-styled apothecaries like Aspen, Colorado’s Silverpeak aim to give the green stuff a white-glove look and feel. Silverpeak approaches cannabis from a connoisseur’s perspective, likening it to wine. “Move over Merlot. Cannabis has arrived!” exclaims the shop’s website.

The interior is full of wood-panelled shelving, cannabis-infused edibles and strains displayed in glass cases, and knowledgeable associates ready to espouse the finer points of consumption.

Yes, it does smell like cannabis, but in a very tasteful, non-invasive way. Less college dorm room with a Bob Marley poster, and perhaps more like the office of a tenured professor who’s a closet Grateful Dead fan.

Last year, we published a report about the aptly-named “Green Rush,” but the question remains: Can cannabis ever overcome its lowbrow connotations and be taken seriously in the luxury realm?

Companies like Marley Natural (run by the family of Bob Marley, of course) are also attempting to reconcile marijuana’s past with its growth potential in the future. In addition to minimal, dark wood-detailed accessories like holders, trays, and pipes, it also makes a series of hemp-infused grooming products and publishes a lifestyle magazine that looks like the furthest thing from High Times, and more like an issue of Kinfolk.


Of course, cannabis has a long association with the alt-lifestyles associated with streetwear culture. HUF’s “Plantlife” socks have become something of a West Coast staple, and offer a variety of colors and washes on all-over weed leaf printed socks. When Stüssy first started, founder Shawn Stüssy drew from the well of Rastafarian imagery and reggae music as much as he did New Wave and punk. It’s safe to say there’s a likely chance he also partakes in a little bit of kind bud every now and then.

In the fashion world, designers like Lucien Pellat-Finet have readily used the weed leaf motif, like on this $495 long sleeve t-shirt. Jeremy Scott included a weed leaf print in one of his collaborative collections with Adidas. San Francisco-based company Pax, known for its minimal vaporizers, made an active push to have more of a presence in the fashion industry last year, collaborating with storied NYC menswear retailer Odin during fashion week on an exclusive product, while finding its way into stores like Opening Ceremony and American Rag. Pax also collaborated with The Weeknd on a custom vaporiser tied to his The Madness tour. It retails for $279.


It’s no secret that several prominent celebrities also enjoy indulging. Certainly, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky often talk openly about smoking marijuana, if not outright doing it in public or on the stage. As cannabis culture becomes more mainstream, it’s only natural for some of its participants to want to elevate it to a—ahem—higher level.

Thoughtfully designed devices along with educating a growing consumer base about cannabis consumption is just the first step. Hemp-infused products, big ticket fashion items that pay homage to the culture, and celebrity co-signs may help ameliorate the long-standing stigma of reefer madness. But so far, the idea of cannabis as an aspirational product and lifestyle still remains a pipe dream.

LIKE THIS? Follow Jian on Twitter. Subscribers can view the five-page report on cannabis culture here. For more in-depth analysis, join WGSN.


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Annie Leibovitz porträtiert Queen Elizabeth II.



Zum zweiten Mal posiert Queen Elizabeth II. für die Kamera von Annie Leibovitz. Im Gegensatz zu 2007, als die US-amerikanische Starfotografin die Königin sehr förmlich inszenierte, ist Queen Elizabeth auf den Fotos anlässlich ihres 90. Geburtstags im privaten Ambiente zu sehen. Auf einem der drei Fotos posiert sie mit ihren Corgis auf einer Treppe vor Windsor Castle, ein zweites Bild zeigt sie mit ihrer Tochter Prinzessin Anne und auf dem dritten Foto ist sie im Kreise ihrer Enkel und Urenkel zu sehen.

Ohne Krone und andere royale Insignien zeigt sich Queen Elizabeth II. auf dem Familienporträt in einen Cardigan, eine weiße Bluse und einen Tweedrock gekleidet. Auf dem Schoß hält sie ihre jüngste Urenkelin, die kleine Prinzessin Charlotte, rechts neben ihr steht der mittlerweile zweijährige Prinz George. Um sie herum posieren fünf weitere Enkel und Urenkel der Queen: James, Vicount Severn und Lady Louise, die Kinder von ihrem jüngsten Sohn Prinz Edward sowie Mia Tindall und Savannah und Isla Phillips, die Enkel von Prinzessin Anne.

Traditionell feiert Queen Elizabeth II. ihren Geburtstag zweimal im Jahr. Während ihr tatsächlicher Geburtstag auf den 21. April fällt, finden die offiziellen Feierlichkeiten wetterbedingt im Juni statt. Dann wird der 90. Geburtstag der Monarchin unter anderem mit einem großen Straßenfest und einem feierlichen Dankesgottesdienst in der St. Paul's Cathedral zelebriert. 

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