Ob sie sich denn noch an ihre erste Jeans erinnern könne? "Das ist so lange her, da lebten noch die Dinosaurier auf der Erde", sagt Iris Apfel in ihrer typisch selbstironischen Art. Das bald 95-jährige "Supermodel" hatte es damals, Anfang der 1940er Jahre, nicht leicht, an ein Paar der von ihm heiß begehrten Hosen aus Denim zu kommen. Die gab es nämlich noch gar nicht für Frauen. Fünfmal hatte man Iris Apfel, empört über ihr Ansinnen, aus dem Laden geworfen, ehe sie dann doch ein Modell für Knaben bestellen durfte.

Fast 80 Jahre später gilt sie längst als legendäre Stilikone, und in der Mode hat praktisch jedes scheinbar unverrückbare Dogma das Zeitliche gesegnet. So manches, was die Designer aktuell beschäftigt, hat die amerikanische Fashionpionierin mit großer Nonchalance in ihren weltberühmten Looks bereits unnachahmlich zum Ausdruck gebracht. Angefangen vom lustvollen Bekenntnis zum "Mehr ist besser" über ihre Leidenschaft für Oversize, exotische Muster und Vintage bis hin zum selbstbewussten Plündern der männlichen Garderobe.

Also alles schon mal da gewesen? Nein. Was Iris Apfel lange Zeit zu einer Art Paradiesvogel machte, wird mehr und mehr zur modischen Selbstverständlichkeit. Und vieles findet sich im jüngsten Denim-Revival wie unter einem Brennglas fokussiert. Themen wie Nachhaltigkeit, Recycling, aber auch Konsumaskese. Nicht von ungefähr wird jenes Kleidungsstück, das wie kein anderes für modische Demokratie und Liberalität steht, gleichzeitig aber auch für menschenverachtende und umweltzerstörende Massenproduktion, gerade jetzt zum Symbol eines tiefgreifenden Wertewandels im Fashionbusiness. In ihrem Sign of the Times-Essay schreibt VOGUE-Autorin Ingeborg Harms: "Nur weil wir recyceln, müssen wir uns ja nicht gleich im Kreis bewegen." Wie wahr.


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Red Wing Heritage Reintroduces the Classic Beckman


Red Wing Heritage presents new and improved versions of the classic Beckman Oxford and Beckman Chukka for the warm weather season. The footwear is named after Red Wing’s founder, Charles Beckman, as the style was designed to fill the need for a dressy, yet durable everyday shoe.

Now, the shoe is slimmer and more refined, featured in Red Wing’s featherstone leathers in Teak Featherstone and Black Featherstone. The leathers are smooth-finished and age beautifully over time.

You can shop Red Wing Heritage’s new Beckman Oxford ($380 USD) and Chukka ($400 USD) today through the company’s online shop.

Earlier this year, Red Wing released a new “Weekender” collection, featuring oxford and chukka options.


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La Redoute Launches a Brigitte Bardot Inspired Collection for Summer 2016


We have seen many a time a cosmetics or a fashion brand draw inspiration from the eternal fashion icons we keep on admiring, creating something exceptional and always winning, a collection that perfectly merges present with the past, the modern with the vintage. Such ventures have always proved to be successful, so no wonder e-tailer website La Redoute has decided to revive that inspiring Brigitte Bardot sprit in a limited-edition collection designed for summer. Drenched in the ‘70s style reminiscent of the French actress, model and singer, the La Redoute Brigitte Bardot collection is all about lovely gingham patterns, pastel colors and feminine silhouettes, which you can get your hands 

La Redoute Brigitte Bardot Summer 2016 Collection

Bardot has had a great impact on shaping certain fashion trends and styles since early Sixties, popularizing skimpy bikinis in her films, thereafter sporting them on the beach during the Cannes Film Festival. The Bardot neckline exposing both the shoulders and having a wide open back is another contribution to the industry, while we still now try hard to emulate her always-perfect mane, a little bit teased and tousled with a certain effortless allure. She managed to stand out with her sweet and feminine style that contained the right air of sensuality to drive every man crazy.

In pursuit of copycatting the legendary actress and turning into the modern Bardot, make sure to check out the French fashion retailer’s Bardot collection featuring lightweight peasant dresses, button-up below-the-knee-length gingham skirts, crisp white blouses with bell sleeves, tailored short shorts and shirts with Brigitte Bardot imprinted on them. Mind you, you are going to fall in love with that wide-strapped A-line frock available in pastel pink and black gingham patterns, which is to become a timeless classic in your vintage wardrobe. There is even a white triangle bikini top included in the collection, which you can pair with your favorite shorts to hit the beach.

The styling of the looks is the next aspect that makes us fall in love with the collection, especially when it comes to the look made up of the gingham skirt and the sleeveless t-shirt tucked into it to create the perfect juxtaposition between casually chic and ladylike attire options, the modern pop culture and the timeless classic. Add a pair of espadrilles to the look and your perfect summer outfit is ready to make you the trendsetter in town.

La Redoute Brigitte Bardot Summer 2016 Collection

A pair of round-lensed sunglasses can be lovely finishing touches to that white peasant dress, while teaming the shorts with the bell-sleeve top, both coming in white, can lead to the go-to summer outfit you’ll be able to easily take from day to night. Our favorite must-haves? Definitely the Bardot tees, which are real vintage gems you can easily use in your day-to-day summer looks.

The entire La Redoute Brigitte Bardot collection oozes out effortless vibes, inspiring us to let being carried away by the relaxation of a summer vacation, beach and rambling strolls in the city!

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Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Victoria isn't the only Beckham diving into the beauty business. 

David Beckham has signed on as the first global ambassador of L’Oréal-owned Biotherm Homme in a multiyear partnership. The first campaign advertising the brand's N°1 moisturizer Aquapower will be released in June but, perhaps more excitingly, Beckham will also collaborate on a range of men's skin-care and grooming products set to launch in 2017.

"I've been thinking about developing a skin-care range for a long time and it wasn't until I started speaking with Biotherm that it all came together," said Beckham in a statement. "It's the first time a male celebrity of this stature has developed a skin-care collection," added Biotherm General Manager David Fridlevski.

According to WWD, the collection of eight to 12 skin-care and body products will retail under about $50. Fridlevski told the trade publication that with Beckham on its team, Biotherm Homme hopes to win over male customers between the ages of 25 and 30 in Europe and the U.S. 

The 41-year-old retired soccer player, whose list of endorsements include Coty, H&M, Belstaff and Adidas, is showing no signs of waning popularity with brands. Last year he formed Seven Global, a joint venture with Global Brands and Simon Fuller (the British entrepreneur best known for founding "American Idol") to further develop consumer product categories around the influential sports star.  


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Bella Hadid—and Her Beret—Just Landed the Cover of ‘ELLE’


Getty Images

Getty Images

Another day, another win for the Instagram set: Bella Hadid, 19-year-old sister of Gigi, girlfriend of The Weeknd, and certified social-media star, is Elle’s June 2016 cover girl.

Since it seems like less than a year ago Bella was still being introduced to the world via many “meet so-and-so” headlines around the online media universe, this is a major coup—especially since she follows on the heels of none other than Beyoncé, and the glossy calls her a “supermodel” (a bold move following the trouncing British Vogue received on Twitter when editors wondered aloud about whether Gigi and Kendall Jennercould be considered as such).

So, what’s a girl to wear on her first big U.S. magazine cover? Well, in this case, a kicky beret, one of the many trends in the trickle-down stage from Alessandro Michele’s Gucci runway (Bella’s version is Azzedine Alaïa).

The model announced the news on Instagram (where else?), thanking photographer Terry Tsiolis and stylist Samira Nasr for the opportunity. Honestly, though, we’re a little more excited to see what Zac Efron’s “sexual politics” might be and to learn how to make our first billion:

Terry Tsiolis/ELLE

Terry Tsiolis/ELLE

Terry Tsiolis/ELLE


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‘Rear Window,’ Great Closet



Because I had two soft serve cones with sprinkles last week, it means it is practically summer now, which means summer is practically over (not how it works, but not nothow it works), meaning I need to sort out my inspirations for what I’ll be wearing when I step out of the hell tunnel that is my morning commute. Luckily, I have an arsenal of style inspiration for every occasion.

Which brings me to style queen Grace Kelly’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. A perfect example of a perfect wardrobe in a perfect movie set in a perfect Greenwich Village apartment in the perfect summer season circa 1954.

Quick synopsis: Lisa Freemont (played by Kelly) and her boyfriend male lead (Jimmy Stewart) begin to suspect their suspicious neighbor is a murderer after spying on him through the rear window of their apartment. In the film’s climactic confrontation with the killer, Lisa is the one scaling the fire escape and breaking through windows and getting shit done. All this while wearing a fitted floral-print dress.

That’s a statement I can get behind. I can also get behind a celery-colored skirt suit for reasons I haven’t quite come to terms with. Some things just feel right.

Here are some outfits I plan on stealing, reimagined for Lisa Freemont as reincarnated for summer sixteen. She’s looking looking looking looking for revengeee. Playing dirty not clean.

1. Opening outfit:

Her original dress has peacock feather detailing, but today she’d relocate the bird motif to her accessories: these Etro flamingo earrings keep glamour alive and well. As does a strappy body suit or lace top with a white statement skirt (or this one or this). These Valentino strappy sandals with the feathers are a godsend for convincing her boyfriend that she could, in fact, go with him on his photo safaris. Dare I suggest a skirt swap for a killer pair of white pants? YUP.


2. The celery suit.


Leave it to a flight attendant’s daughter to be super into this outfit, pillbox hat and all! Unfortunately, a polyester wool blend ensemble isn’t a realistic summer option, but I’m into some weird greens reworked. Change the skirt suit to a swim suit (bikini version) plus astraw hat. (Also, adding these sunglasses can’t hurt…) For a night out, this dress with the same halter-vibe as the film, and for any weekend emergency, these pumps.


3. A négligée

Rear Window Man Repeller 17

Lisa Freemont would surely be surprised to know that in 2016, not only can she sleep at her boyfriend’s place without telling his landlord (the fifties sucked!), but the lingerie she packed in her overnight bag is welcome on the streets. We can now rise straight from bed in our satin slips and walk to the bagel shop. What a world!

I’m thinking: these crocodile slides, a satin gown or slip and this Mark Cross “Grace” bag, which is the perfect size for her sleep mask and toothbrush.


4. A yellow floral dress is so iconic.


As much as I’m into it, I’m also not a huge yellow person. This dress changes up the silhouette and color. Adding ballet flats (and even a floral embellished bag — how bold!) makes it a little more contemporary, but someone could still rock a covert operation in apartment courtyard at night in this. No?


5. For weekend lounging, any ol’ cotton blouse orshirt dress (heaven!) will do. Magazines required.



Dreamy, right? Much more stylish than the weird 2008 Shia LeBouf remake, Disturbia. (Not that I don’t love that movie.) Thank you Edith Head for costume design so fabulous it still shines fifty years later.

Any other style inspos we should consider? What are you wearing in the heat? Spying on neighbors? Keep your eyes peeled.

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