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Introducing the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Souple Bag. Saint Laurent just released a souple version of the iconic Sac de Jour Bag for their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. The bag is made of grained leather with soft construction, it is also available in crocodile embossed leather. The interior is unlined with a removable central leather and canvas zip pouch. The souple version is available for three sizes, Medium, Small and Nano.

Style, Price & Size




Saint Laurent Medium Sac De Jour Souple Bag $3,250.00 (USD) 14.2” W x 10.7” H x 7.4” D
Saint Laurent Crocodile Embossed Small Sac De Jour Souple Bag $3,150.00 (USD) 12.5” W x 9.8” H x 6.4” D
Saint Laurent Small Sac De Jour Souple Bag $2,990.00 (USD)
Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour Souple Bag $2,250.00 (USD) 8.6” W x 10.9” H x 4.3” D

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Photo: PexelsPhoto: Pexels

Routine is boring. We all need some variety from time to time, otherwise we run the risk of simply existing, but not living. This theme of diversity also applies to the clothes we wear and perhaps more importantly, where we buy them from. As much as we hate to admit it, clothes shopping is important. Clothing and style have become so inherently significant to us all in terms of body confidence, practicality, and often purely a status symbol.

But unfortunately, for many shoppers, this necessity to shop ‘till you drop whilst keeping up with the Joneses has also turned into apathy. Many don’t care where their clothes come from or how they are made, or even where the revenue ends up – the end result, and often simply the name tag, are the more significant factors. But there is an antidote to all of this, and it comes in the form of a new wave of online stores.

Thankfully, the excuse of having no idea how to set up an ecommerce shop doesn’t hold much weight anymore. Everyone from single parents to 17-year-olds has the means to get something off the ground if they have the motivation. Software exists to start an online store, you can find it easily enough, but the real struggle is creating a company that doesn’t just sell items people want to wear, but having an intriguing backstory and a mission statement that makes shoppers care. Many online stores fit exactly that description today, so we’d like to show some love to fashion retailers who are really doing something unique when it comes to their ethos and their products.

Photo: Scoutmob


Scoutmob provides the means to showcase distinctive and beautiful designs from hugely talented independent artists. These designs are then printed on everything from T-shirts and sweaters to wallets and bags. We love the fact that you can support local manufacturers and receive genuinely cool products that likely not many others will have.

Photo: Reformation


Based in L.A., Reformation is doing so much great work against the tide of disposable fast fashion by using sustainable textiles, repurposed vintage apparel, and scrapped material from other fashion houses. Reformation then turn everything into some of the most stylish and gorgeous outfits available to buy. When fashion is this responsible and well-designed, it’s hard to believe why everyone else isn’t following suit.

Photo: Sword & Plough


Sword & Plough is one of the more interesting companies on our list because they specifically focus on creating products which benefit war veterans. They take military surplus fabric, leather and hardware and turn them into various bags and accessories, such as tote bags, handbags, backpacks and necklaces. When an item is sold, Sword & Plough will donate 10% of the profits to veteran organizations. Not only is this a great use of material and a beneficial cause, but it doesn’t hurt that the products look awesome and are incredibly rugged.

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The Lip Treatment I Always Have in My Bag

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Though I attempt to keep my bag tidy, it’s usually a bit of a random assortment of items. When I use the same bag for a while, that means receipts and other miscellaneous papers pile up, but there are my go-to bag essentials that I try to always make sure my bag has, no matter how hurried I switch it out.

For years now, I’ve been a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment addict. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer, but I am a gloss girl and I like to keep my lips from getting dry, and if I can add a slight hint of color to them at the same time, that’s a bonus. Ever since Fresh introduced these balms, they’ve become cult favorites, as well as a personal favorite of mine. I’ve gotten my family hooked on them as well, from my mom to my sister to my aunt and cousins.

Fresh is one of the cleaner beauty lines, which I’ve been really focused on lately, and this lip treatment offers SPF 15 protection, which is a plus when living in Florida and being outside so often. The minute I apply this, my lips feel moisturized, and it goes on smoothly and, most importantly, it lasts. The formula uses grapeseed oil and Vitamins C and E, which smooth and soften.

There are so many tints offered now (12), so there’s a good option for everyone. I love the hue of Petal for summer; it gives my lips a slight pink touch.

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Kaya Scodelario stars in Wonderland Magazine's summer issueKaya Scodelario stars in Wonderland Magazine’s summer issue

Actress Kaya Scodelario makes an appearance in the Summer 2017 issue of Wonderland Magazine. Photographed by Ash Kingston, the brunette stunner wears looks from Chanel’s pre-fall 2017 collection along with other labels. Stylist Warren Leech dresses Kaya in a mix of tweed jackets, knit sweaters and embroidered tops. For beauty, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ star wears her hair in carefree waves with a natural makeup look.


Posing at the beach, Kaya Scodelario wears embroidered top and jeansPosing at the beach, Kaya Scodelario wears embroidered top and jeansPosing with ice cream, Kaya Scodelario wears a Chanel tweed jacketPosing with ice cream, Kaya Scodelario wears a Chanel tweed jacketActress Kaya Scodelario poses in embroidered top and denimActress Kaya Scodelario poses in embroidered top and denimKaya Scodelario wears a tweed coat from ChanelKaya Scodelario wears a tweed coat from ChanelActress Kaya Scodelario poses in Chanel tweed jacketActress Kaya Scodelario poses in Chanel tweed jacketPosing barefoot, Kaya Scodelario wears Chanel sweaterPosing barefoot, Kaya Scodelario wears Chanel sweater

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Chanel Limited Edition Mademoiselle J12

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One of most anticipated timepieces from Chanel Horlogerie since it made its debut at #BaselWorld2017 has finally been launched, simply known as the Mademoiselle J12, featuring Coco Chanel telling time by way of her hands, of course. In tribute to the woman who started it all, the timepiece is humorous and playful, available in two colours (there’s the white on white, and the black on black), with Coco wearing her synonymous jacket, skirt, two-toned pumps and hat, before being finished with, you guessed it, pearl earrings that you could say was her uniform for most of her life.

Available in limited quantities (there are only 555 pieces per colour worldwide) because 5 was also Coco’s lucky number, it is priced at SGD10,400. Which isn’t all too bad for such a memorable piece, provided you can get it of course, because I hear the wait list is pretty long. But don’t let that stop you from heading down to Chanel’s fine jewellery boutique at Ngee Ann City (#01-04) for a look.

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Rita Ora stars in Tezenis' summer 2017 swimsuit campaignRita Ora stars in Tezenis’ summer 2017 swimsuit campaign

Rita Ora is back as the face of Italian swimwear and lingerie brand Tezenis. The singer flaunts her bikini body in a series of images featuring tropical motifs made in collaboration between herself and the label. The summer 2017 campaign spotlights colorful prints, bandeau silhouettes as well as halter neck bikini tops. Rita shows off a bronzed tan with gold jewelry and a slicked back hairstyle.


Channeling tropical vibes, Rita Ora wears retro inspired bikini styles from TezenisChanneling tropical vibes, Rita Ora wears retro inspired bikini styles from TezenisSinger Rita Ora wears one-shoulder bikini top with matching bottomsSinger Rita Ora wears one-shoulder bikini top with matching bottomsStriking a pose, Rita Ora wears printed bikini from Tezenis with mesh detailStriking a pose, Rita Ora wears printed bikini from Tezenis with mesh detailRita Ora stars in Tezenis summer 2017 swimsuit campaignRita Ora stars in Tezenis summer 2017 swimsuit campaignSinger Rita Ora models Tezenis bandeau printed bikini top and bottomsSinger Rita Ora models Tezenis bandeau printed bikini top and bottoms

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